Elothean commands

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Command Messaging
Sweat Elothean flushes briefly.
Sweat<self> Elothean pauses momentarily, closing (his/her) eyes as if to regain focus.
Sweat<Person> Elothean glances at <person> and blinks several times.
Sweat<Item> Elothean glances at an <item>, (his/her) hand twitching slightly
Sweat <Creature> Elothean glances at a <creature>, (his/her) eyes widening.


Command Messaging
Gobble <Person> Elothean frowns in distaste.
Purr Elothean closes (his/her) eyes and makes a sound of contentment that resembles purring in the back of (his/her) throat.
Snap Elothean snaps (his/her) fingers.
Snap <Self/Person> Elothean studies (his/her) fingers, shrugs, then lowers them.
Stare<Person> Elothean fixes you with a calm, clear stare.
Twiddle<Self> Steepling (his/her) fingertips together, Elothean gazes at them contemplatively as though lost in deep meditation.