Elf commands

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Command Messaging
Sweat Elf breaks into a sweat.
Sweat<self> Elf furrows (his/her) brow and quickly sweeps a hand along (his/her) forehead.
Sweat<Person> Elf glances at you nervously for a moment before looking away with a faintly amused smile.
Sweat<Item> Elf regards a <object> with a worried gaze for a moment.
Sweat <Creature> Elf regards a <creature> with a worried gaze for a moment


Command Messaging
Gobble <Person> A nauseated pallor slowly suffuses Elf's face from neck to ear-tips.
Snap <self> Elf's fingers twitch uncomfortably.
Blush Elf blushes, the tips of (his/her) ears turning a deep shade of red.
Stare <Person> Elf fixes you with a serene, lofty stare.
Twiddle <Self> Elf tightly laces (his/her) fingers together and deliberately orbits one thumb around the other as (he/she) settles into a meditative demeanor.