Elanthian Travel Tours (Therenborough)

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Elanthian Travel Tours
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42b
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Weapon shops, Trinket shops, Toy shops, Jewelry shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Elanthian Travel Tours, Gift Shop]
Poles hold up a brightly covered canvas awning that can be lowered when the shop is closed. An oversized tower shield with a small plaque is in a roped area in the corner. Hooks loaded with wares hang near a counter that blocks customers from rifling through the unopened boxes and crates piled in the shadows. You also see a marble counter with several things on it, a painted white door, a refreshment cart with several things on it, a stand with several things on it and a marionette tree with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

This shop is part of a collection of shops around Elanthia. This is the Therenborough branch. For the list of shops, see Elanthian Travel Tours

On the marble counter
Item Price Done
blue-tinted glass pyramid with a replica of Theren Keep inside 15,000   No
clear glass pyramid with a replica of the Langenfirth Tree inside 15,000   No
smoky grey-tinted pyramid with a replica of Telomin Hall inside 15,000   No
green-tinted pyramid with a replica of the Northern Pride Barge inside 15,000   No
amber-tinted pyramid with a replica of the Baron's Table inside 15,000   No
In the display case (which is on a marble counter)
Item Price Done
banded steel spoon with a smoothed stone handle 2,500   No
metal spoon with an open-work handle shaped like crossed jousting lances 2,000   No
marble spoon veined in white and pale grey 2,500   No
wood troll shaped shot glass etched with "To the kelpies!" 5,000   No
thimble carved from a charred thorn 1,000   No
blue-tinted shot glass etched with "The Baron's Table" 7,500   No
delicate blown glass thimble with a painted white rose 1,500   No
ivory thimble with "Therenborough" written in a fine scroll 5,000   No
On the stand
Item Price Done
dark maroon badge stitched with "Property of the Baron" 1,000   No
dark blue badge stitched with "I Left My Heart in Theren Keep" 1,000   No
dark blue shirt with "I've been Theren back" 1,000   No
wrinkled cotton shirt with "I Lost My Savings on the Theren Star" in large blue letters 1,000   !!
On the hooks
Item Price Done
throwing dagger with a handle shaped like the Baron's statue 2,500   !!!!
throwing dagger with a handle shaped like a tower shield 2,500   No
throwing dagger with a handle shaped like a perfect rose 2,500   No
throwing dagger with a handle shaped like a blood wolf 2,500   !!!!
wool pouch embroidered with an eagle carrying a banner in its talons 1,000   No
silver bracelet with an eagle charm dangling from the clasp 9,900   !!
On the marionette tree
Item Price Done
revenant zombie marionette 20,000   No
silly-looking fendryad marionette 20,000   No
jointed knight marionette 20,000   No
On the refreshment cart
Item Price Done
polished silver bowl filled with white chocolate rose petals 0   !!
terracotta plate filled with lemon rock candy 0   !!
decanter of golden apple cordial 0   
silver platter covered with a layer of mead truffles 0   !!
porcelain plate filled with strawberry rock candy 0   !!
barge-shaped cookie jar filled with chocolate lace cookies 0   !!