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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Gender: Male
Location: Riverhaven (Ranik Map 30)
Type: Magical Feat trainer

Eggleston is the magical feat trainer for the province of Therengia. He wanders the streets of Riverhaven.

When you look at him, this is the description you get:

You see a trainer of magical feats. You think you can STUDY them to learn more.

If you type "STUDY EGGLESTON," you get the following messages:

You look Eggleston over, realizing they have knowledge of magical feats and can likely answer all of your questions.

[You can ASK Eggleston ABOUT LEARNING to open a window with available feats you can learn.

[You can ASK Eggleston ABOUT FORGETTING to open a window with available feats you can forget.

[You can ASK Eggleston ABOUT FEAT to learn about magical feats in general.]

[You can ASK Eggleston ABOUT <feat name> to learn about it. NOTE: you must spell it exactly!]

[You can ASK Eggleston ABOUT LEARNING <feat name> to learn that feat.]

[You can ASK Eggleston ABOUT FORGETTING <feat name> to forget that feat.]

However, if you ASK EGGLESTON ABOUT FEAT and you are not eligible to learn any magical feats, Eggleston will not tell you about them. Instead, he will say this:

Eggleston shakes his head and says, "You are not eligible for learning any more feats right now."

He will answer questions about specific feats, however, even if you are not eligible to learn any.

If you ASK EGGLESTON ABOUT EGGLESTON, this is his response:

Eggleston slams his chalk against a slate with a loud bang, rolling his eyes as he says, "Really now, I'm here to try to teach you what little you can possibly understand about magical feats. I know that ordinary minds such as yours find such trivial things to be of import, but you can't possibly expect the same of me!"

ASKing EGGLESTON ABOUT GUILD (in an attempt to get him to talk about his) results in this response:

Eggleston throws his hands up into the air with a snort of exasperation and says, "Now that doesn't even make sense! This is what we get when just anyone is attuned! Jibber-jabber has no place in magic, come back when you can articulate your question in a sensible manner!"

If you ASK EGGLESTON ABOUT MAGIC, this is what he says:

Eggleston looks up and says, "Oh! Well, we could be here all day talking about the ins and outs of magical theory, but I'm not sure it'd do you all that much good anyway. You don't seem the scholarly type. How about you just ask me about feats instead and I can show you all the flashy gee-gaws and whatsits the order says you're capable of understanding."

NOTE: If you ASK him ABOUT ORDER, he defaults to the same response he gives about GUILD.

Randomly, Eggleston does things like this:

Eggleston lopes fastidiously into the area, peering about with a look of mild annoyance as he scribbles on his slate.

Eggleston scribbles frantically on his slate, pausing just long enough to mutter about his brilliance before beginning anew.

Eggleston says, "I am available for you to ask me about matters of magical feats. Please, just ask and I can tell you much.

Eggleston lopes out of the area, muttering to himself about arcane theory.