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A dye tub is a crafting tool used used to dye some crafting materials (cloth, leather, yarn), and crafted items (weapons, armor, fluff items, etc).

See Category:Crafting tools for details.

Creation and Repair

Currently, a dye tub cannot be made, only purchased.

Dye tubs do not take damage and do not need to be repaired.



Type Difficulty Weight Durability Speed
Store bought N/A 40 2 - very delicate 2 - tremendously ineffective


Bogbirch dye tub with verdigris copper bandstruenot very effective5very delicate2superior9
Compact dye tub with ebony handlestrue
Deep bogbirch dye tub with twisted purple gold handlestruenot very effective5very delicate2superior9
Deobar dye tub with pine handlestruetremendously ineffective2very delicate2well7
Durmast dye tub with eucalyptus handlestruetremendously ineffective2very delicate2well7
Dye tubtruetremendously ineffective2very delicate2well7
Iron dye tub with square handlestruetremendously ineffective2very delicate2well7
Item:Dye tubtruetruetremendously ineffective2very delicate2well7
Item:Mistwood dye tub fitted with lava drake-hide strapstrue
Mikkhalbamar dye tub with ebony handlestruetremendously ineffective2very delicate2well7
... further results

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