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Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Razzer, Matilda

During the migration of Rakash and Prydaen, Chabelle, a wee kit of 3 years, was placed in a tree just outside of the town of Crossings. She was found by a Prydaen Bardess by the name of Matilda who took her from the tree and brought her to the home she and her husband, Razzer, had made upon reaching the city. Surrounded by Bards both in the guild of which both of her adopted parents were members, she soon picked up the instruments and singing. Busking in front of the Crossings bank and even entering various guilds to sing for them, she became known as Lil Belle - the kit who loved to sing.

It was during this time when Sorrow and his followers decided to stand their ground just north of Crossings. Feared for her life, Matilda and Razzer ensured their daughter was well protected in either the guild or their home. The couple were warriors as well as Bards - both in their hub and in the new lands. This they continued as they battled daily with Sorrow and S'lai. Belle, on the other hand, had learned about a different way she could perform. Her parents, both members of the famous Tavern Troupe, took her to various performances when they were able. It was there that Belle fell in love with the stage and, more importantly, plays. At the age of six (though she told the directors she was seven), she asked for admittance into the Troupe. After auditioning and interviewing for them, she was soon accepted. At the age of ten she had written her first play, "Chadatru", followed closely by "The Sea-Drake" and many others.

Several years passed as Belle soon perfected her skill in writing plays, musicals, and directing others for the stage. At the age of 21, she was invited by then Court Bardess Daerlynn to venture to Therengia to manage the reopened Therenborough Theatre. Chabelle, honored by the request, could hardly contain her excitement. This is what she was born for - to manage, direct, and write for an established theatre.

Upon arriving in Therengia, Chabelle only knew Daerlynn, who was also with the Tavern Troupe and had seen Belle grow up. In the dressing room, Chabelle had found a cot behind some costumes and it was there she made her home. During times of invasion, she would hide behind the costumes until the townspeople and militias had cleared the danger. As time passed, she became more acquainted with the locals and was soon invited to join one of the militias - The Northern Watch. There, not only was she protected during times of trouble, but they also taught her how to defend herself in times of trouble despite her exclamations of being a lover not a fighter. Moreover, they taught her how she could be of assistance during invasions by creating a new position with triage known as the Caller. Chabelle was pleased that she could be a part of something to assist the people who had helped so many times before when all she could do was hide. The Watch soon became her second family with the Rakash Empath Mordibar filling in as a surrogate father to her.

During this time, Baron Gyfford Theren and Lady Shantelle Trigomas requested Chabelle to fill a new position designed for her - Court Playwright. Belle felt she had reached the pinnacle of her career by this announcement as this was all she had ever wanted out of life. After some time, Court Bardess Daerlynn had ventured from the known lands, destination and return unknown. Belle, on the other hand, continued to write plays, concerts, and variety shows to take her audience away for the bit of time they sat in their seats in the theatre. Belle was becoming well known for her performances throughout the lands. When Ratha's theater had opened their doors, it was to the Theren Theatre Players (a name Chabelle had coined for her actors and staff) and Chabelle that the Council of Advisors asked to perform on their grand opening. In hopes of stirring the same success she had found in Therengia, not to mention the honor, she readily agreed. In awe of the wonderful Ratha theater, she had high hopes.

At one point she came across a young Rakash Cleric who was new to Therengia. Holding auditions soon, she encouraged the Cleric to try it out. While Belle requested that all auditions be a monologue of five roisaen, this Cleric known as Saslisena came out with a song that immediately lit up Belle's eyes and heart. While not giving her full access to the stage, she asked Saslisena to join the Players in a staffing position. Sassy (as she soon become known) didn't stop there which influenced Belle to make her a full Player, soon followed by Assistant Manager, and now Court Playwright when the Court Bardess position was offered to Chabelle.

For Chabelle, the removal of the Court Playwright title was a double-edged sword. Honored that Baron Gyfford thought so highly of her to appoint her to the top Bard position, she also was a little sad to see the title she had always wanted gone. However, she knew that the position was in very capable hands of Saslisena and with discussions between the two, Chabelle continued on with the theatre in the same capacity.

For Chabelle, every one who has ever performed on stage on a regular basis has made the theatre what it is today and each are remembered by her. In a proposal to update the small theatre, she requested some small artifacts to honor those who have been there and made the theatre what it is today. To this day, Chabelle is Manager of the Theren Theatre and Court Bardess to Baron Gyfford Theren. Her one true love, despite her flings, has always been and will always be, the Theren Theatre.