Dabvo's Holy Delicacies

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Wandering Monk
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 2
Owner Dabvo
# of Rooms 0
Store Type Cleric shops, Drink shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Temple Grounds]
A weary old monk named Dabvo wanders around the Temple Grounds with his rickety oaken cart loaded with goodies.

Fruits and vegetables
Item Price Done
Murrula blush strawberry 25   
Berengaria harvest apple 35   
Trothfang fire pepper 55   
Damaris dusk berry 75   !!
Cakes and pastry
Item Price Done
buttery harvest tart 20   
glazed ricebread scone 25   
lanahh pao 50   
Huldah's surprise cake 1,000   
Item Price Done
fresh orange juice 15   
fragrant apple cider 25   
frothy milk and coffee 30   
blessed sacramental wine 200   
Holy Articles
Item Price Done
tall silvery altar candle 500   
Simply order the number of the delectable morsel that you desire from me -- Dabvo!