Dabrushin Mine

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Located somewhere in Forfedhdar. Referenced by Bvarn when asked about a mine.

Hibarnhvidar Empath Guild Painting

Found in the north hallway of the Guildhall:

A group of white-robed empaths kneels and reclines around a pile of broken rocks that almost completely blocks the entrance to a mine. Reaching toward the dust-covered hands thrusting through the rubble, the faces of the empaths appear contorted in pain. A line of Gor'Togs conveys limp bodies of Gor'Togs and Dwarves to the waiting healers while another line carefully clears the mine. A weary miner can just be seen peeking through the small opening, his arms carrying a Dwarven lass.
A brass plaque reads:
"In thanks and remembrance to the empaths who prevented the Dabrushin Mine collapse from becoming our grave."