Current Attire

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Current Attire
Event Romancing the Seas
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
Restrictions Deluxe ticket holder
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Jaal Jeraya, Current Attire]
Rugs of plush white fur and walls of deep mahogany accent this brightly lit interior. A blown-glass lamp hangs from the ceiling, crafted in the shape of a raven in flight. Helpful clerks stand at the ready to help any patrons with their purchases.
You also see a wooden box, a wide counter with some stuff on it, a felt-covered table with some stuff on it, a mahogany coat rack with some stuff on it

In the wooden box
Item Price Done
red silk headscarf ?   
blue silk headscarf ?   No
white silk headscarf ?   
black silk headscarf ?   
blue and white striped headscarf ?   
black and white striped headscarf ?   No
blue and white striped headscarf ?   
On the wide counter
Item Price Done
silk and chain-wrapped belt with gold dangling medallions ?   No
deep black leather belt studded with sterling silver ships ?   
rough leather belt with a wide golden buckle bearing a carving of a galleon ?   
braided suede belt with an oval buckle engraved with the image of a skull and crossbones ?   
On the felt-covered table
Item Price Done
navy blue captain's hat with braided gold trim ?   
black wool tricornered hat with a long white plume ?   No
black silk tricornered hat with silver trim ?   No
bright blue bosun's hat ?   No
deep red bosun's hat ?   No
black felt first mate's hat ?   No
navy blue first mate's hat ?   
red-plumed captain's hat of fine black felt ?   
wide-brimmed blue felt hat ?   No
On the coat rack
Item Price Done
black wool captain's coat with gold braiding around the pockets ?   No
red suede longcoat ?   No
blue suede longcoat ?   No
black suede longcoat ?   No
black velvet greatcoat with gold piping and scrimshaw toggles ?   No
red velvet greatcoat with silver piping and scrimshaw toggles ?   No
blue wool captain's coat with braided silver epaulettes ?