Cupcake Cafe

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The Cupcake Cafe
Province Therengia
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42b
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[The Cupcake Cafe, Front Porch]
Multi-hued flagstone covers the floor, adding a splash of color to the glassed-in room. Bistro tables and chairs are spaced apart, just far enough so customers can sit and sample their purchases while still enjoying a private conversation. At the end of the porch, a white wicker swing hangs from the ceiling complete with extra cushions for those in need of a comfortable rest. You also see a glass door.
Obvious exits: west.


[The Cupcake Cafe, Salesroom]
Whitewashed walls are decorated with whimsical paintings of dancing cupcakes, candies and herbs to amuse shoppers as they wait in line for their purchases. Bakers in white coats and tall, puffy hats rush out from the kitchen with trays of freshly decorated baked goods trying to keep up with the day's orders. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and tea emanates from a small cast iron stove in the corner that keeps the complimentary pots hot for customers to enjoy. You also see a glass counter with several things on it and a curtained doorway.
Obvious exits: east.

Item Price Done
Note: Stock Rotates!
apple strudel cupcake iced with brown sugar frosting dusted in cinnamon 90   
blood orange cupcake drizzled with citrus icing topped by a tiny cinnamon stick 90   
buttercream cupcake swirled with strawberry frosting 75   
buttery cupcake piled high with creamy passionfruit frosting accented by a small sugar heart 90   
coffee flavored cupcake topped with sweet cream frosting and a roasted coffee bean 75   
dainty pineapple cupcake frosted with whip cream covered in browned coconut 75   
dark chocolate cupcake detailed in icing and colored sugar with the image of Theren Keep 90   
decadent chocolate cupcake topped with whipped cream and a cherry 75   
decadent peach meringue cupcake topped with shaved white chocolate fans 80   
dense peanut butter cupcake topped with sweet banana frosting 75   
dreamy coconut creme cupcake covered in chunky strawberry puree and crystalline sugar 80   
fudge brownie cupcake elegantly frosted with milk chocolate icing topped by a sprinkle of snow-white powdered sugar 90   
heart-shaped cupcake with bright red frosting 75   
moist brown sugar cupcake topped by maple glaze covered in chopped walnuts 80   
petite lemon cupcake topped by a dollop of raspberry buttercream 75   
pumpkin cupcake topped with rich cream cheese frosting 75   
red velvet cupcake topped by a swirl of fluffy cream cheese icing 75   
tropical key lime cupcake dipped in white chocolate ganache covered with green sprinkles 80   
vanilla frosted cupcake decorated with a small candy carrot 80   
Item Price Done
tall pot of strong black coffee 0   
kettle of honey-lemon tea 0   

Specialty Sales (Estate Holder Only)

[The Cupcake Cafe, Specialty Sales]
Mixed in with the aroma of baking cake, the scent of assorted liquors helps to perfume the air, indicating that the confections displayed here were created with the adult customer in mind. The bakers working this area seem particularly happy with their jobs, although not very steady on their feet. Despite looking as if they've been sampling some of the special ingredients for quality control, they keep the counter constantly stocked. You also see a glass counter with several things on it and a curtained doorway.
Obvious exits: none.

Premie Only -- The famed boozecakes!

Item Price Done
Note: Stock Rotates!
apple streusel cupcake with a candy wolf perched high on a mound of crunchy topping 150   
brandied strawberry cupcake glazed in white chocolate icing topped with crystalline sugar 150   
bourbon creme cupcake drizzled in white royal icing decorated with a candy coin 100   
creamery butter cupcake piled high with whiskey-flavored frosting and chocolate shavings 150   
dark chocolate cupcake frosted in snow white vanilla buttercream drizzled with caramel 150   
honey truffle cupcake baked with imported brandy-soaked esturi berries and covered in icing sugar 100   
milk chocolate cupcake thickly slathered in double fudge icing and a trio of candied violets 150   
mimosa cupcake elegantly iced in champagne buttercream topped with a fan of candied orange slices 150   
peach brandy cupcake topped by pastel frosting sprinkled in slivered almonds 100   
peanut butter cupcake covered in chocolate ganache laced with fine liqueur 150   
raspberry cupcake topped by rum-flavored sprinkles 100   
roasted coffee bean cupcake topped with a thick swirl of mocha frosting 150   
rustic pumpkin beer cupcake tipped by a cloud of softly peaked marshmallow frosting 100   
small mojito cupcake iced in a swirl of whipped cream topped by a candied mint leaf 150   
sour cream cupcake with a sugar ballerina dancing atop a mound of coconut rum frosting 100   
tequila-infused cupcake piled high with lime buttercream covered in candy sprinkles 150   
tropical ginger mango cupcake topped by a pinwheel of gin-soaked fruit 100   
vanilla cupcake frosted in whipped yellow buttercream topped with a lemon drop 150   
white chocolate cupcake baked with fresh cranberries soaked in vodka 100   
wild rice cupcake swirled high with honey almond buttercream covered in milk chocolate sprinkles 150