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A crystal sanctuary is a consumable enchantment that creates a portable temporary shelter. When summoned, a sanctuary, hut, tower, or dwelling will manifest; towers and sanctuaries are the most common shelter nouns. To date, each widget is preset to a specific noun. These widgets have a limited number of charges and last 60 real life minutes per use. Crystal sanctuaries have been sold for SimuCoins, at Auction or purchasable as microtransaction event end loot.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Small iridescent cube (1)Hollow Eve Festival 399/AuctionReturn to the Keep 423/Supply WagonSimuCoinstrue
Small iridescent cube (2)Drathrok's Duskruin 435/Raffletrue
Small iridescent prismGuildfest 431/Auctiontrue
Tiny iridescent cubeHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizestrue


You think that you can RUB the to create a temporary shelter for yourself.
You can also TAP the prism to lock or unlock the shelter, PULL to hide it or make it visible, PUSH to add more magic to extend how long it remains, and TURN it to dismiss it early.

You study the prism further and are able to see...
There are [number] charges remaining.
The shelter will last 60 minutes and will be a tower when summoned.


A complex magical pattern is contained within the prism, giving the vague impression of a tower.


  • RUB (to create your sanctuary shelter): You rub your thumb along the edge of your prism, which thrums loudly and bursts into brilliant light.
The radiant light from the iridescent prism floats away from it like a ghost, sinking to the ground before growing outward to form an outline of a crystal tower.
  • TAP (lock or unlock the shelter): You tap the prism softly. The iridescent prism thrums to life for a moment and you are sure you just [closed/opened] your crystal tower.
  • PULL (to hide it or make it visible): Holding the prism firmly, you pull on two of its sides. The iridescent prism thrums to life for a moment.
A crystal tower flares with a sudden brilliant light for just a moment before fading from view. or A crystal tower flares with a sudden brilliant light, revealing it.
  • PUSH ( to add more magic to extend how long it remains): You push several of the facets on the prism, and it glows softly. You are certain that your sanctuary will last longer now.
  • TURN (to dismiss your sanctuary shelter early):


[[Name]'s Crystal Sanctuary]
The walls of this crystal sanctuary give off a soft but strong light, illuminating a solid glass table which seems to grow up from the center of the refuge. A double bed with crystal posts stands along one side of the room, and a long white leather couch curves in a semicircle along the opposite edge.
You also see a small waste basket.
Obvious exits: out.

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