Crafty Cloaks (1)

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Crafty Cloaks
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 396
# of Rooms 1
Store Type clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Crafty Cloaks]
Cloaks are hung on the walls, spread out to their fullest extent, almost completely covering the pitted metal plates. An elaborately carved armoire is pushed up against the rear wall, its surface covered with images of hooded figures mingling with an odd assortment of characters, from skeletons to giant bunnies. Above, a large orb hangs from the ceiling, casting a dim glow around the room with a hue similar to moonlight. You also see an exit door.

In the carved armoire
Item Price Done
dark hooded cloak embroidered with a skeletal figure 45,100   !!
green hooded cloak sewn to resemble a dragon 45,100   
black hooded cloak embroidered with a snake around the hem 45,100   
leather hooded cloak with a bull burned on the back 45,100   
silvery hooded cloak embroidered with gold and platinum coins 45,100   
furry hooded cloak with long plush ears sewn onto the hood 45,100   
white hooded cloak woven with black cow spots 45,100   
green hooded cloak sewn with a tree on each shoulder 45,100   
red hooded cloak sewn with a black rat on the back 45,100   
black hooded cloak with black leather pauldrons 54,100   
sky blue hooded cloak embroidered with grey wings 45,100