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This is a convenient list of links to the products of each crafting discipline.

Crafting Materials



  • Tinkering products: caravans, crossbows and bolts, instruments, lockpicks, siege engines, toys, traps and locks/keys, metal imagery, metal assemblies (orlogs, sextants, wind chimes, etc.)
  • Shaping products: wood: bows and arrows, decorative wear, furniture and containers, imagery, weapons and shields; clay: containers and accessories, decorative wear, imagery
  • Carving products: bone and stone: armor and shields, containers, decorative wear, furniture, imagery, weapons




  • Artificing products: founts, foci, runestones, wands, and other tools (devices that require both arcana skill and mana to use)
  • Binding products: Constellation Jewelry; devices that require arcana skill to use, but not mana
  • Invoking products: devices that work automatically with no user involvement