Leviathan ecologist

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Trickling Sun leviathan ecologist
Prime Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Female
Location: Andreshlew


The leviathan ecologist is a diminutive, older Merelew woman with spotted brown scales and loosely plaited silver-blue hair over her left shoulder. She closes her eyes whenever she is by herself, murmuring inaudibly and making small undulating motions with her webbed hands.



The leviathan ecologist beams. "They are my life's mission, truly the greatest marvels of this world. I am what you would call an empath, and I have learned to communicate with the leviathans from afar. I maintain contact with nine who have decided to trust mainlanders and seek your aid. I don't know if it's coincidence, but they've been having some problems since the last resurfacing of Andreshlew."

Problems (No Group)

The leviathan ecologist glances at your side, as if looking for others. She says, "I'm afraid the leviathans insist on the cooperation of at least two adventurers in this endeavor."

Problems (Group)