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Cnyr's Ales help Barbarians
"barbarian style" is not in the list of possible values (alchemy, atmo, cambrinth, casts spell, celestial jewelry, chakrel, clothing, container, creation, drink, enchanting, engineering, food, gaethzen, gives light, hiding, hood, housing, instrument, forging, jewelry, lock, magic, material, misc, outfitting, smoking, tack, toy, trainer, verby, writing, foraged, feature, stacking, Dwarf style, Elf style, Elothean style, Gnome style, Gor'Tog style, Halfling style, Human style, Kaldar style, Prydaen style, Rakash style, S'kra Mur style, Barbarian style, Bard style, Cleric style, Empath style, Moon Mage style, Necromancer style, Paladin style, Ranger style, Thief style, Trader style, Warrior Mage style, horse) for this property.
recover voice strength after Roaring. Each DRINK from an Ale restores one voice pulse. There is a downtime associated with each of them, during which any further drinking will simply waste the brew. The more expensive the vintage, the shorter the period of downtime. You can COUNT your Ale to see how many uses are left.

As of yet, Cynr's Ales have only been sold at the True Path.

The following Ales are available:

ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Bottle of Cnyr's mildBasket of colored dartsMegaSafari 413 game prizesTrue Path (2)True Path (3)True Path (4)truetrue
Bottle of Cnyr's whiskey (1)true
Item:Bottle of Cnyr's mildTrue Path (2)True Path (3)truetrue
Item:Bottle of Cnyr's whiskeytruetrue

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