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The Church of Aldauth is a revivalist sect that worships the deity Aldauth. Rooted in a rich oral tradition, the Church of Aldauth espouses many beliefs at variance with the norms in Elanthia. Membership in the Church of Aldauth is attained through the profession of faith that there is no God but Aldauth and the giving of a blood sacrifice.

Key doctrines

The Church of Aldauth is monotheistic, rejecting the common pantheon of deities as well as rejecting racial gods. Aldauth is believed to be the only God as well as the creator and sovereign of everything. Other religious traditions, such as a belief in the World Dragon, are also abdicated by Church of Aldauth members.

The Church of Aldauth emphasizes moral and social purity. This is attained through the rejection of certain types of interracial relationships, the rejection of invalids as bodily impure, and the adherence to strict dietary laws. The Church of Aldauth espouses that Aldauth's will can be discerned through the natural laws He created, therefore races that cannot produce offspring should not engage in romantic relationships.

Additionally, the Church of Aldauth is evangelistic. It requires members to spread the faith by preaching and holy war if necessary. The Church of Aldauth permits its members to behead unbelievers or force them into slavery. The evangelistic commandment is one of the most important in the Church of Aldauth.

The eschatological vision of the Church of Aldauth is apocalyptic, espousing the belief in a future Kingdom of Aldauth. The Kingdom of Aldauth is characterized by theocratic rule and the extermination or enslavement of all unbelievers. This is viewed both as an ongoing work and a future prophecy, so believers strive to bring about the Kingdom of Aldauth within their lifetimes.

The Church of Aldauth promotes polygamy, but does not require it among its members. Many notable members of the Church of Aldauth have held many wives at a time.

Membership and founding

The Church of Aldauth was founded by Luceano Delacroix, Mvorn Flipps and Fantun's tithe plate. Other notable members include (Former) Bishop of Ratha Vythe Duvalier and Dunrook Duvalier.

Direct knowledge of the Rathan Branch is somewhat limited, it is known however, that Vythe is no longer part of the operation and a strong possibility that Dunrook has taken the reigns.

The Police of Vice and Virtue

The Police of Vice and Virtue is the intelligence wing of the Church of Aldauth. It is charged with ferreting out those suspected of committing sins against Aldauth as well as enforcing the Laws of Aldauth with acts of violence. Membership in the Police of Vice and Virtue is highly secretive.

Collection of works

The Church of Aldauth holds a number of non-canonical works of literature regarding theology, history, and ethics. These include The Story of Ginger, An Introduction to Rakash Gods, and A Response to Rakash Revisionism.

Notable deeds

- The Bard Guild Massacre, resulting in the deaths of Siltoth, Calydon, and Derivan, as well as the subsequent expulsion and banning from the Bard Guild by Guildleader Silvyrfrost

-A demand for complete submission of the Order of the Iron Circle to the Will of Aldauth carried out by Vythe Duvalier, resulting in the beheadings of Iron Circle members.

-The kidnapping of Dawnstalkyr, after which Synamon was coerced to pay a ransom for her safe return.

-The multiple graverobbings of Kyodan, whose items made valuable contributions to the Church of Aldauth.

-Angering a number of policy-players, many of whom are archived on Food For Aldauth.

-Authors of the now defunct Furry Tattler, a propaganda newsletter.

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