Chris' Mass, Log Cabin (2)

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Chris' Mass, Log Cabin
Event Chris' Mass Festival 429, Chris' Mass Festival 433
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Log Cabin (Entry)

[Chris' Mass, Log Cabin]
Dark green couches line the interior of the cabin, the walls made of honey-colored wood slats and decorated at the edges with festive holly patterns. A large poinsettia plant rests on a stand in the corner of the room, lending the warm room a bit of bright red color. Several curtained windows show the snowy landscape outside.
You also see a wooden arch and the cabin door.
Obvious exits: north, east.

Cabin Side Room

[Chris' Mass, Cabin Side Room]
Built partially into the side of a hill, the spacious room's lower half is reinforced with loamy brick walls, separating at a slight angle and rising into warm wooden paneling. Honey-colored benches line the walls, giving plenty of room for seating while a wide rug covers the center. Twilight can be seen through high windows, the snow piled up high to cover most of them.
You also see a waiting list and a wooden arch.
Obvious exits: none.

Cozy Den

[Chris' Mass, Cozy Den]
Numerous overstuffed couches of dark red corduroy surround a low coffee table, and thick carpeting keeps the room warm and cozy. Standing tall in one corner of the room is a high evergreen tree, decorated with motes of light from miniature gaethzen orbs and numerous glass spheres peeking out among ribbons and tinsel. Large curtains are half drawn back from the frost-covered windows.
You also see a small door.
Obvious exits: east, south.

(Door): A servant bars your way, whispering "I'm sorry, but I'm under orders not to admit anyone unless they're properly accompanied."

On the coffee table
Item Price Done
cinnamon-spiced eggnog 0   
spiced warm milk 0   
In the cookie bin (on the coffee table)
Item Price Done
heart-shaped cookie 0   
gingerbread troll 0   
dragon-shaped sugar cookie 0   
cleric-shaped gingerbread cookie 0   
gingersnap cookie 0   
buttery lemon cookie 0   
hhyssk'et jelly pinwheels 0   
scorpion-shaped cookies with red and black frosting 0   
gingerbread crocodile 0   
pile of gingerbread cookies shaped like shadowlings 0   
tray of chocolate heart-shaped cookies 0   
gingerbread wolves 0   
ranger-shaped gingerbread cookie 0   
chocolate heart-shaped cookies 0   
gingerbread raccoon 0   

Winter Banquet

[Chris' Mass, Winter Banquet]
A large banquet table lines the northern side of the room, covered in a snow-white cloth that holds a large spread of food. Nearby, an elegantly carved bar holds numerous bottles of fine liqueurs and other drinks. Paper cutouts of snowflakes are fastened to the cabin's honey-colored walls, varying from childish renditions to delicate works of art.
Obvious exits: south, west.

On the carved bar
Item Price Done
frosted-glass bottles of tundra tequila 0   
iron cauldron filled with orange slices and hot apple brandy 0   
snifter of orange-amber Rissan brandy 0   
spiced warm milk 0   
hogshead of chilled iceberry grog 0   
tall bottle of glowing green absinthe 0   
crystal bowl filled with creamy Elven frostwynne flavoured with snowpears 0   
magnum of chilled S'Kra nectar 0   
large crystal bowl of Glythtide's nectar 0   
crystal bowl of frothy Elanthian Jubilee garnished with whipped cream and cherries 0   
steaming carafe of rich hot chocolate topped with whipped cream 0   
iced pitcher of cool taffelberry-flavored milk 0   
silver pitcher of heavily creamed and sweetened iced coffee topped with a dollop of whipped cream 0   
pitcher of chilled sweet buttery cream 0   
barrel of iceberry mead 0   
mug of honey pear mead 0   
crystal punch bowl of glowing Elothean windhaze 0   
On the banquet table
Item Price Done
golden apple pie 0   
lemon curd meringue 0   
creamy cheesecake topped with a glazed strawberry sauce 0   
frost-coated crystal bowl filled with delectable peach icecream topped by sugar sprinkles 0   
three-layered coconut cloud cake 0   
cream-dipped strawberries 0   
fragrant rum pound-cake 0   
silver platter of roast snowbeast au jus 0   
platter of tiny roast quail in an apple brandy sauce 0   
steamed seaweed-wrapped salmon 0   
glass-domed roast pheasant 0   
giant gingham-lined bucket of large roasted turkey drumsticks 0   
steamed new potatoes 0   
platter of hearty meatballs in a fiery pasta sauce 0   
bowl of baby carrots with a Theren red apple glaze 0   
several loaves of fresh baked caraway bread 0   
wooden bowl filled with seolarn-weed sauteed with ginger and almonds 0   
baked butternut squash 0   
garlicky mashed potatoes 0   
par'i dumplings with a pineapple sauce 0   

Cabin Dance Floor

[Chris' Mass, Cabin Dance Floor]
Wooden honey-colored slats create an elegant dance floor that takes up this corner of the rustic cabin, polished to a bright gleam and well trodden by numerous feet. Quiet music wafts from by a small box on a silver stand, sending out out tinny but festive notes throughout the room. Small benches edge the dance floor, offering a spot for the weary to rest.
Obvious exits: north, west.