Cefrit of Odcoru (Siksraja)

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This shop was updated on 4/18/2016. For the obsolete version, see Cefrit of Odcoru (Obsolete).

Cefrit of Odcoru
Province Therengia
Town Siksraja
Map Ranik's Map 149
Owner Cefrit
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Rakash shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Cefrit of Odcoru, Showroom]
Rolled and tied skins that provide insulation are secured to the ceiling, allowing light to sift through the tiny cracks in the joints of the wide sideboards of the wagon. A curtain across the back wall divides the small showroom from the private areas, while a dark green rug muffles the occasional creak from the floorboards. Hooks, tables and shelves all display a variety of wares in the cramped area.
You also see a colorful display with several things on it, a wooden trellis with several things on it, a sturdy rack with several things on it and a grey door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the colorful display
Item Price Done
imbricated versicolor chain shirt - torso/arms 8,000   !!
imbricated chain hood edged with versicolor links - head/eyes/neck 6,000   !!
imbricated chain greaves awash with iridescent sunset hues - legs 5,000   !!
colorful imbricated mail gloves - hands 3,000   !!
chain armor
On the brass hooks
Item Price Done
simple battle odaj crafted from chain atop cotton - chain armor 60,000   !!
battle odaj crafted from layers of oiled leather - light armor 50,000   !!
On the wooden trellis
Item Price Done
silver and black asteriated chain sleeves - arms/hands 3,500   
steel-linked balaclava set with a blackened disc at the neck - head/eyes/neck 3,750   !!
malleated steel hauberk - torso/arms/legs 4,750   !!
golden chamfered chain - torso/arms/legs 5,500   !!
silvery asteriated chain mail - torso/arms/legs 5,000   !!
chain armor
On the long shelves
Item Price Done
set of articulated leather armor with sculpted pauldrons - torso/arms/legs 5,000   !!
fingerless articulated leather gauntlets - hands 2,750   !!
mottled leathers - torso/arms/legs 4,000   !!
leather cowl edged in bone beadwork - head/eyes/neck 2,750   !!
leather armwraps - arms/hands 3,000   !!
heavy buckskin gloves - hands 1,500   !!
light armor
On the narrow tables
Item Price Done
gleaming helm shaped into the visage of a Rakash in moonskin - head/eyes/neck 5,000   !!
flame-darkened lunated plate - torso/arms/legs 8,500   !!
goffered plate limned in silver - torso/arms/legs 8,000   !!
burnished half plate - torso/arms 7,000   !!
burnished greaves - legs 3,500   !!
malleated gauntlets - hands 2,750   !!
plate armor
On the sturdy rack
Item Price Done
stiffened silk mask studded with smooth bits of stone - eyes 1,500   !!
dark stone-studded gloves - hands 1,500   !!
blackened greaves studded in a spiraling pattern - legs 3,000   !!
thickly reinforced silk tabard done in midnight hues - torso 3,100   !!
heavy sleeves of spiral-braided silk adorned with dangling crow charms - arms/hands 2,500   !!
heavy covert hood edged in badger claws - head/neck 2,000   !!
hauberk of colorful tightly braided silk creating a stylized butterfly motif - torso/arms/legs 3,100   !!
light armor