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A flying broom allows the rider to bypass ordinary climbing and swimming checks. The broom can only reach destinations that are accessible by foot, so it cannot be used to cross the sea.

These are considered to be "rare items" and have thus far been limited to auctions and contest prizes.



  • PULL: You pull a piece of straw from the end of your sleek broom. After closely inspecting it for bugs, you pop it into your mouth and proceed to pick your teeth.
  • SHAKE: You shake your sleek broom, filling the air with a cloud of dust.
  • SPIN: A mischievious look crosses your face as you spin around, deftly twirling your sleek broom like a small baton.


  • COMMAND: COMMAND broom TO {slow|glide|skim|fly}
COMMAND broom to swoop {target}
COMMAND broom to spin
  • COMMAND broom to SWOOP (pass): Winking at (target), you urge your broom straight up into the air. After skillfully flying a figure-eight pattern, you swoop past (target), spinning her around and leaving her in a cloud of dust.
  • COMMAND broom to SWOOP (fail): With a wink, you urge your broom straight up into the air. You try to fly your broom in a figure-eight pattern but quickly lose control, falling the short distance to the ground and landing on your rump.
  • COMMAND broom to SPIN: A mischievious look crosses your face as you deftly shift your body until you and the broom begin to spin out of control. After a moment the broom slows and you smile triumphantly.
  • NUDGE: You gently nudge your broom with one leg, coaxing it forward. Suddenly, it jerks ahead, causing you to scramble to hang on.
  • PULL: Glancing over your shoulder to make sure the area is clear, you give the sleek broom a quick pull, flying it backwards several feet.
  • SHAKE: You hover in the air on your sleek broom, dangling your feet for balance.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Adderwood broom with bound khor'vela bristlesPumpkin Contest 2013Real Life Costume Contest 2013true
Bone white witchclaw-handled broom affixed with a mass of thorny twigsGuildfest 412/Auction
Felwood broom embellished with polished yellow goldSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 425/End loottrue
Gloomwood broom with thorned bristlesHollow Eve Festival 414/Auctiontruetrue
Red oak-handled broom with leather-wrapped gripsCelebration Auction 10/13/2007true
Sleek broom of polished diamondwoodDroughtman's Mazetrue
Teak-handled broom with leather-wrapped grips trimmed in raccoon furGuildfest 401/Auctiontrue
White ironwood broom affixed with wispy straw bristles dyed in pallid blues
Witchclaw-handled broom with rawhide-bound bristlestrue
Wyndwood broom wrapped in many layers of treasureweaveHollow Eve Festival 421/Auctiontrue

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