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Favor savers are a type of magical item that give you a chance to DEPART FULL without favor cost. A full depart includes a full heal, coins, and items.

Anyone, regardless of circle or guild may use a favor saver. A favor saver must be worn at the time of DEPART to trigger.

Currently favor savers are sold for bloodscrip at Duskruin and have four total tiers that can be unlocked using potency crystals. Items sold at Duskruin will have a one week cooldown. The cooldown period begins when the item is successfully used to DEPART FULL. (You can see successful messaging in the F.A.Q.)

These devices are different from auto rezzers.

Tiers for Favor Savers

>analyze my pend
The crystal pendant is designed to spare you the cost of Favors upon using DEPART. Typically, this comes with a one week cooldown that can be assessed with STUDY pendant.
There are a total of 3 potential unlocks for a crystal pendant.
At Tier 1, the pendant has a 25% chance of success. (UNLOCKED!)
At Tier 2, the pendant has a 50% chance of success, and fluff verbs. (LOCKED)
At Tier 3, the pendant has a 75% chance of success, and can be TURNed to be hidden. (LOCKED)
At Tier 4, the pendant has a 100% chance of success. (LOCKED)
You can't tell anything else about a crystal pendant.


Q - Are they magical?
A - Sort of, but they can be used by all guilds and all account types. They do not bond naturally and they can be registered.
Q - Can I stack these?
A - No. You can only wear one at a time, regardless of where it is worn. There will be many designs available with different worn slots. While stacking was considered, it got really ugly to handle code wise.
Q - Can my Necromancer use it if I am forsaken?
A - Yes. The item is 100% magical and has nothing to do with anything divine or Immortals related.
Q - How do I know if it works?
A - On DEPART, if the random roll is in your favor, it will automatically active and your depart will be free. You'll get unique messaging that is purposefully devoid of any divinity, instead it's the "aura" of your item protecting you.
Q - What is a free depart?
A - A free depart gives heals wounds (not vitality or fatigue), your coins, and your items. You are still subject to Death Sting, minor skill loss if not protected by Rejuvenation, and potential scroll loss.
Q - What if I type DEPART FULL/COIN/ITEM/DEATH and my item goes off?
A - You get a free depart. The processing for the favor savers happens before all of that stuff, similar to newbie protected departs.
Q - Why a week cooldown, why can't it be daily? I die a lot.
A - Sorry that you die a lot, but a week was felt to be more than generous at this time. Of course, nothing stops you from purchasing two of these and swapping out when one is on cooldown.
Q - What does the messaging look like when it works?
A -
You feel your crystal pendant warm, preparing to aid you.
You feel yourself lifted gently, cradled as if by a mother's hand.

A cool, calming aura envelopes you. Feeling comforted, you do not fight it as you feel it pull your spirit away.
You feel a burst of pain as you gasp in a deep breath! All around you the world spins rapidly and you get the feeling you are falling from a great distance. After a moment, the spinning stops and you realize with joy that you are alive...

[Resurrection Creche, Li Stil rae Kwego ia Kweld]