Calorak's Weapons and Armor

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Calorak's Weapons and Armor
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Hara'Jaal
Map Ranik's Map 106
Owner Calorak
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Armor shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Calorak's Weapons and Armor]
Large oil lamps, emitting more oily smoke than light, illuminate the shop and its wares. The sharp scent of smelted iron hangs heavy in the air. The soot-stained black walls are bare, except for a spike from which hangs a heavy leather apron. A thick leather curtain, leading to another area of the shop, is tacked to a doorframe. You also see a weapon rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, out.

Note: Stock rotates, list may not be complete!

On the weapon rack
Item Price Done
Basket-hilted broadsword 880   !!!!
Brass-hilted dagger with a delicately etched blade 894   
Iron-strapped cudgel 432   !!!!
Iron-studded nightstick 1,284   !!
Polished cutlass with a sharkskin and wire grip 3,895   !!!!
Saw-edged cutlass 8,000   
Thin steel throwing dagger 1,000   

[Calorak's Weapons and Armor]
Lamps, mounted to the walls, light the shop's smoke stained walls and displays. The flagstone floor is deeply gouged in many places where heavy objects have been dragged across it. You also see a rickety table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On a rickety table
Item Price Done
Chain helm 825   !!!!
Dark leather mask painted with a demonic visage 185   !!
Leather long gauntlets 1,485   !!
Midnight-black helm shaped like a jackal's head 2,975   !!
Studded leather coat 8,795   !!
Studded leather trousers 1,233   !!

[Calorak's Weapons and Armor]
Boxes and barrels of raw materials are stacked up all over this room. A small anvil is mounted on a stand next to a workbench. Hanging from the ceiling is a large iron chandelier. You also see a hilt list, a leather curtain, and Calorak.

Calorak's Custom Hilts (2500 L)
  • 1 - Coral-hilted
  • 2 - Ivory-hilted
  • 3 - Onyx-hilted
  • 4 - Bone-hilted
  • 5 - Silver-hilted
  • 6 - Ruby-hilted
  • 7 - Quartz-hilted
  • 8 - Brass-hilted
  • 9 - Pewter-hilted
  • 10 - Jet-hilted
  • 11 - Amber-hilted
  • 12 - Jade-hilted
  • 13 - Pearl-hilted
  • 14 - Gold-hilted
  • 15 - Copper-hilted
  • 16 - Topaz-hilted
  • 17 - Ebony-hilted
  • 18 - Agate-hilted
  • 19 - Opal-hilted
  • 20 - Lapis-hilted

Note: Caloran will change the hilt on weapons brought to him, not only those bought in his store. He will not work on every weapon, though, mostly (entirely?) edged weapons. He will not work on knives that are not weapons, such as skinning knives.