Builder's Warehouse

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Builder's Warehouse
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Aesry Surlaenis'a
Map Ranik's Map 98
# of Rooms 10
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Builder's Warehouse, Interior]
An entry area to the warehouse lies just inside the door. As the space stretches away from the docks, rice paper screens partition it into private sections that shopkeepers rent to display their wares. Fluttering overhead, a paper mobile hangs out of reach and dances wildly in the breeze each time the door opens and closes. You also see an open ricepaper screen, an archway, an exit door and a low bench.
Obvious exits: east.

[Smoque's Screens]
Translucent ricepaper screens in neutral and pastel colors are on display along the walls of the shop. A sliding arrangement near the door allows the purchaser to judge the colors in the light when selecting furnishings for their home. You also see Smoque and an elegant ricepaper notice.
Obvious exits: east, out.

An elegant ricepaper notice reads:
Milords and ladies, please note that my wares are walls.  When installed by my craftsmen, 
they will replace any wall you currently have in your home.
Smoque's Screens
Item Price Done
soft white ricepaper screen 50,000   No
shell-pink ricepaper screen 50,000   No
seafoam green ricepaper screen 50,000   No
pale blue ricepaper screen 50,000   No
black-ribbed ricepaper screen 50,000   No
painted ricepaper screen 50,000   No
translucent ricepaper screen 50,000   No

[Where There's Smoque, There's Fyere!]
Fires burn in small braziers and stoves, each carefully screened to protect the ricepaper screens which form the walls of the shop. Designed to sit upon the floor, the low braziers provide a surprising amount of warmth for their size. You also see Fyere.
Obvious exits: west.

Where There's Smoque, There's Fyere!
Item Price Done
bowl-shaped copper brazier 40,000   No
bowl-shaped hammered bronze brazier 40,000   No
low bronze brazier 40,000   No
open brick-lined hearth 160,000   No
oak-mantled brick hearth 135,000   No
low brick floor stove 65,000   No
square cast iron stove 65,000   No
low cast iron brazier 40,000   No

[Thymes' Tables]
The fragrance of freshly carved sandalwood doesn't quite mask the sharper smells of the lacquer used to provide the glossy finish so popular on the island. An assortment of tables and desks are on display, providing the homeowner with a good selection of both traditional and modern styles. From the abstract shesegri design of the meditation table to the more representative floral images on the rose and lotus tables, the shop bespeaks fine craftsmanship and careful attention to detail. You also see Ynez Thymes.
Obvious exits: out.

Thymes' Tables
Item Price Done
lacquered dragonclaw-foot table 40,000   
low lacquered lotus blossom table 50,000   
red lacquered rose blossom table 50,000   
gold and red lacquered desk 60,000   
elegant black lacquered desk 65,000   
carved sandalwood end-table 30,000   
lacquered meditation table 45,000   

[Builder's Warehouse, Sectioned Corridor]
The screens form a passageway to move deeper into the warehouse. A sisal runner covering the wood planked floor and the scent of burning sandalwood lends warmth and comfort to the practical space. The muted shouts of workers on the dock drift into the interior through partly-open windows high overhead. You also see a shifting silk-curtained arch and a soft blue ricepaper screen.
Obvious exits: east, west.

[The Lap of Luxury]
Pale gold ricepaper screens enclose the small shop. Within, piles of cushions in various fabrics and colors are scattered upon the floor. Traditionally, local homes use these cushions in place of the mainlander's chairs to offer a comfortable place for guests to sit or recline while eating dinner at low tables. You also see a clerk.
Obvious exits: out.

The Lap of Luxury
Item Price Done
pile of red-piped white cushions - (set of 4) 30,000   No
pile of deep red silk cushions - (set of 4) 45,000   No
pile of leaf green silk cushions - (set of 4) 50,000   No
pile of tassled brocade cushions - (set of 4) 30,000   No
pile of plush damask cushions - (set of 4) 35,000   No
pile of red damask cushions - (set of 4) 35,000   No
pile of blue silk cushions - (set of 4) 45,000   No
pile of gold-piped silk cushions - (set of 4) 55,000   No

[Fenwycke's Floormats]
Samples of the local floormats -- woven reed or grass floor matting which conceal the floor of a home -- are on display along the walls of the shop. The shopkeeper, Fenwycke, plies his trade as he works, waiting for customers to make their decisions. You also see a distinctive reed-rimmed sign and Fenwycke.
Obvious exits: out.

Fenwycke's Floormats
Item Price Done
basketweave sisal floormat 18,000   No
braided dune grass floormat 10,000   No
black and tan oval sisal floormat 20,000   No
jade-bordered ivory sisal floormat 20,000   No
painted canvas floormat 10,000   No
blue-banded tan sisal floormat 12,000   No
woven tules reed floormat 20,000   No
herringbone sea grass floormat 12,000   No

[Builder's Warehouse, Sectioned Corridor]
Several open screens lead into various sections providing wares for the homeowner or builder. From somewhere in the farthest reaches comes the soft cry of an infant and his mother's singing coos to calm him as she works. You also see a gracefully curved arch and a wide doorway.
Obvious exits: west.

[Tredwynne's Bedding]
Translucent ricepaper screens line the walls of the shop, the austerity complementing the black stone columns as well as the neutral color of the woven reed floormat. Against the understated neutrality of the background decor, the sleeping mats on display around the shop provide bright splashes of color. You also see Tredwynne and the back room.
Obvious exits: out.

Tredwynne's Bedding
Item Price Done
black cotton sleeping mat 5,000   No
blue-striped cotton sleeping mat 6,000   No
deep red satin sleeping mat 10,000   No
pale green cotton sleeping mat 5,000   No
leaf print cotton sleeping mat 7,000   No
floral chintz sleeping mat 10,000   No
moss green silk sleeping mat 20,000   No

[Tredwynne's Bed Linens]
Stacks of quilts and blankets fill the cabinets which line the shop, leaving little room for the pillows and other objects on display. Tredwynne's prides itself on offering a complete line of bedding and accessories for the home. You also see a tole-painted quilt rack with some stuff on it, a cedar linen cabinet, a tiny wicker cradle and a carved pine blanket chest.
Obvious exits: out.

On the quilt rack
Item Price Done
lace-trimmed Morganae's Fan quilt 10,000   
appliqued Therengian Rose quilt 8,000   
scallop-edged whitework quilt 20,000   
intricate Elothean Web quilt 20,000   
red and white Gidii's Walk quilt 9,000   
dagged-edge Ranger's Cabin quilt 5,000   !!
In the linen cabinet
Item Price Done
lace-trimmed blue linen pillow 9,999   
down-filled blue silk pillow 24,999   
down-filled striped cotton pillow 14,999   
gold-fringed red silk pillow 20,099   
tatted-edge white linen pillow 9,999   
heart-shaped satin pillow 17,999   
In the wicker cradle
Item Price Done
soft blue baby blanket 5,000   
soft white baby blanket 5,000   
soft pink baby blanket 5,000   
In the blanket chest
Item Price Done
felted grey woolen blanket 5,000   
deep coral cotton blanket 3,000   
coarse brown homespun blanket 2,000   
warm green wool blanket 4,000   
shell-pink cotton blanket 4,500   
satin-banded moss-green wool blanket 10,000   
soft white shearling blanket 5,000   !!
sea-green cotton blanket 6,000   !!
deep blue wool blanket 5,000   
fuzzy white wool blanket 5,000   

[A Room With A View]
Thin metal chains hang from the ceiling, supporting metal-framed frosted and stained glass windows. The windows are more decorative than functional, keeping insects out and allowing light to filter through the cut glass surfaces. You also see the glazier.
Obvious paths: out.

A Room With A View
Item Price Done
diamond-paned frosted glass window 90,000   No
oval frosted glass window 85,000   No
high arched frosted glass window 80,000   No
round etched glass window 60,000   No
fan-shaped stained glass window 60,000   No
high arched stained glass window 45,000   No
round stained glass window 40,000   No
oval stained glass window 40,000   No
cathedral stained glass window 100,000   No
high stained glass transom 50,000   No