Bridal Blush

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The Bridal Blush
Event Chris' Mass Festival 396
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Wedding shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Bridal Blush]
Gaily decorated with silk flowers and yard upon yard of lace and tulle, this tall tent's white silk walls contain a wide variety of wedding supplies within. Brides-to-be cluster around the displays, deciding on this or that fashion of dress and accessories. You also see a silk tent flap, some polished mahogany shelves with some stuff on it, a silk-lined wicker basket, some gilded mannequins with some stuff on it, a tiered mahogany table with some stuff on it and a parchment sign.
Obvious exits: north.

A parchment sign reads:
"Please be sure that you verify your purchase before it is made final -- with so many items to choose from, 
it can be easy for our clerks to become confused unless you're very specific about which item you'd like. "
some polished mahogany shelves
Item Price Done
ivory satin garter edged in lustrous seed pearls 1,500   !!
delicate ivory silk garter wrapped in slender white ribbons 1,375   !!
frilly white lace garter ringed with pink diamond hearts 43,750   !!
pure white suede garter with a dainty platinum buckle 50,000   
lace-edged white silk garter festooned with pale blue ribbons 1,750   No
pale blue silk garter edged with diaphanous white Elothean lace 2,250   
ruffled white satin garter with a blue diamond heart nestled in its folds 22,500   
a silk-lined wicker basket
Item Price Done
fragrant red rose bouquet bound by a shimmering golden tulle ribbon 625   No
cascading bouquet of luscious white roses and trailing Elven ivy wrapped in ivory lace 1,000   
vibrant bouquet of brilliant pink azaleas and white rosebuds bound with a platinum-hued ribbon 875   No
dainty bouquet of pale pink rosebuds and white daisies tied with a slender ribbon 562   
nightsilk-bound bouquet of indigo nightshade blossoms paired with deep pink foxglove flowers 2,500   No
cheerful bouquet of sunny marigolds wrapped with a trailing white satin ribbon 562   No
elaborate bouquet of cascading white hyacinths with clusters of snowflowers bound by Elothean lace 1,812   No
some gilded mannequins
Item Price Done
elegant off-the-shoulder moonsilk wedding gown with a long train of sheer starlight-hued lace 1,250,000   !!
pale platinum-hued satin wedding gown with a sheer crystal-studded lace overlay 50,000   
ivory silk wedding gown with a line of petite white bows from the low back to the lengthy train 40,000   !!
corseted silk brocade wedding gown with a full lace-draped skirt 50,000   !!
softly draped wedding gown of lustrous white silk with an ethereal Elothean lace overlay 47,500   
regal floor-length wedding gown of ivory damask with a short train 50,000   !!
empire-waisted wedding gown of fluid white raw silk 48,750   !!

[The Bridal Blush]
Small mirrors are mounted on mahogany counters displaying glittering jewelry under the watchful eyes of well-groomed guards. Scattered about the room are broad cases filled with wedding rings, and a parchment sign is mounted against the far wall of the white silk tent. You also see a gold-edged case, a gem-encrusted case and a platinum-edged case.
Obvious exits: south, west.

a tiered mahogany table
Item Price Done
silver-pinned veil crafted of a single length of sheer gauze 12,500   
long white silk veil edged in gilded knotwork embroidery 12,500   
short white tulle veil held by fragrant pink roses 12,500   
sheer nightsilk veil studded with dark purple crystal nightshade blossoms 62,500   
voluminous white tulle veil sprinkled with glittering crystals over its many layers 62,500   
floor-length Elothean lace veil with a dramatic diamond and Ilithi emerald tiara 187,500   !!
delicate ivory Elothean silk veil edged with lustrous pearls 93,750   !!
sheer white spidersilk veil with a sparkling diamond tiara 125,000   
a gold-edged case
Item Price Done
broad hammered-gold wedding band set with a large uncut diamond 17,500   !!
slender gold wedding band displaying hands clasping a crowned diamond heart 25,000   
broad gold wedding band inlaid with a midnight blue square-cut sapphire 31,250   !!
heavy gold wedding band etched with twining nightshade blossoms 25,000   !!
wide gold wedding band inset with a row of square-cut diamonds 25,000   
lustrous gold wedding ring channel-set with sparkling diamonds 25,000   
rich gold wedding ring inlaid with glittering pave-set white diamonds 50,000   
a gem-encrusted case
Item Price Done
emerald wedding ring carved to form verdant encircling leaves 3,750,000   !!
rose gold wedding ring delicately etched with blossoming jes-roses 20,000   !!
smooth rose gold wedding band with beveled platinum edges 62,500   No
slender silver wedding band sparkling with alternating round and baguette diamonds 15,000   !!
pale silver wedding ring inset with marquise-cut amethysts 12,500   !!
heavy white gold wedding band inset with an oval blood-red ruby 37,500   No
thick white gold wedding band inlaid with a round diamond 20,000   !!
a platinum-edged case
Item Price Done
heavy platinum wedding band inset with a square-cut diamond 193,750   No
slender platinum wedding band with lustrous gold edging 68,750   
luxurious platinum wedding ring pave-set with brilliant-cut pink diamonds 131,250   
slender platinum wedding band channel-set with oval blood-red rubies 106,250   !!
mirror-polished platinum wedding band channel-set with triangular diamonds 118,750   
elegant platinum wedding ring pave-set with sparkling white diamonds 118,750   !!
platinum wedding ring set with alternating square and heart-shaped diamonds 118,750   !!
slender platinum wedding ring channel-set with a rainbow of precious gems 125,000   !!
a red velvet necklace rack
Item Price Done
lustrous geshi pearl choker with a platinum knotwork clasp 12,500   
dark damaryn pearl necklace strung in three tiers 11,250   !!
gold necklace dangling alternating diamond and ruby hearts on short chains 28,750   No
narrow choker of baguette-cut emeralds interspersed with pink diamond rose petals 31,250   !!
smooth gold choker set with a single gilt-edged garnet rose in full bloom 12,500   !!
elegant diamond necklace with a platinum true lover's knot clasp 35,000   !!
wrapped platinum choker woven into a complex knotwork pattern 10,000   
high choker of channel-set pink diamond hearts 37,500   No
a mahogany earring tree
Item Price Done
pair of diamond earrings dangling in long strands 12,500   
pair of geshi pearl earrings with slender platinum hoops 8,750   
pair of pink diamond earrings carved into dangling hearts 18,750   
dainty pair of slender gold hoop earrings dangling diamond hearts 11,250   !!
elegant pair of damaryn pearl earrings with platinum hooks 8,750   !!
pair of gold disc-shaped earrings etched with blossoming roses 250   
elaborate pair of platinum chandelier earrings dangling tear-shaped black diamonds 37,500   
pair of emerald earrings carved to form tangled ivy interspersed with pink diamond roses 25,000