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A bone saw is a crafting tool used in bone carving.

See Crafting Tools for details.

Creation and Repair

Bone saws are created using forging techniques that fall under the Blacksmithing discipline.

Likewise, their repair falls under the same skills, with standard processes for metal tool repair.


Bone saws use physical resistance to derive their effectiveness.

  Durability Cap Speed Cap
Type Difficulty Weight Durability Speed Durability Speed
Store bought - 40 02 - very delicate 03 - extremely ineffective - -
<metal> straight bone saw 04 - simple 8 x density 10 - a bit safeguarded 05 - not very effective 02 - very delicate 05 - not very effective
<metal> curved bone saw 06 - somewhat challenging 8 x density 07 - appreciably susceptible 06 - sort of effective 01 - extremely weak 07 - rather effective
<metal> slender bone saw 08 - complicated 8 x density 05 - particularly weak 07 - rather effective 01 - extremely weak 08 - very effective
<metal> tapered bone saw 10 - difficult 8 x density 12 - quite guarded 04 - very ineffective 03 - quite fragile 04 - very ineffective
<metal> serrated bone saw 11 - very difficult 8 x density 03 - quite fragile 08 - very effective 01 - extremely weak 09 - exceptionally effective

** = Cap indicates the best possible score that can be reached using normal metals. It should be noted that it is not possible to reach both caps in the same item.


 QualityQuality #SpeedSpeed #DurabilityDurability #Rarity
Aldamdin bone saw with a punka-wrapped handlemasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Bloodwood-handled bone saw of serrated tomiekmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Bone saw with a blade edged in audrualmmasterfully-crafted12exceptionally effective9somewhat unsound6incidental
Curved audrualm bone saw with a blade forged to resemble shark teethmasterfully-crafted12not very effective5quite guarded12festival
Decrepit iron bone saw covered in rustmasterfully-crafted12not very effective5quite guarded12festival
Dwarven iron bone saw with swept back handlesmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Fine icesteel bone saw with a sturdy ebonwood gripmasterfully-crafted12very effective8marginally vulnerable8end loot
Glaes bone saw with a goldwood handle gilded in platinummasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Green muracite bone saw with a carved wooden handlemasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Icesteel bone saw with a green leather wrapped handlemasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Icesteel bone saw with a leather wrapped handlefestival
Iron bone sawwell-crafted7extremely ineffective3very delicate2common
Iron bone saw with a carved wooden handlefestival
Jagged kertig bone saw etched with a grizzly maw along the blademasterfully-crafted12very effective8quite guarded12festival
Kelpzyte bone saw with a smudged smiley face painted across the blade's flatmasterfully-crafted12sort of effective6rather reinforced11festival
... further results

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