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ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
BodhranTrue Bard D'OrMalik the True Bardtrue
Ebony bodhran decorated with cambrinth inlayDark Symphony (2)true
Iroko-framed shaman's bodhran with coralite-caught thin pigskin drumheadsThis Little Piggy (6)true
Item:Ebony bodhran decorated with cambrinth inlaytrue
Item:Mahogany bodhran decorated with intricate cutworktrue
Item:Sky-blue maple bodhran painted with tiny wrens warbling amidst deep green leavestrue
Item:White pine bodhran crafted to resemble a turniptrue
Mahogany bodhran decorated with intricate cutworkTrue Bard D'Or, The, True Bard D'Ortrue
Sky-blue mahogany bodhran painted with tiny wrens warbling amidst deep green leavesMegaSafari 413 game prizesBasket of colored dartstrue
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