Biabo's Bug Collection

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Biabo's Bug Collection
Province Ilithi
Town Fayrin's Rest
Map Ranik's Map 64
Owner Biabo
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Pet shops, Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Biabo's Bug Collection, Front Parlor]
An aged wooden floor is tessellated unevenly while the walls are boarded in dilapidated oak. Large glass display cases sit atop unfired brick stands giving way to an elongated counter. The attendant, Biabo, a middle-aged Gnome, peers over his thick spectacles inspecting a small cricket in the palm of his hand. You also see a crumbling doorway.
Obvious exits: down.

Home Pets
Item Price Done
1. a pudgy green cricket 55,000   
2. a translucent spider 55,000   
3. an albino spider 65,000   
4. a baby wolf spider 165,000   
5. a scarlet-winged cricket 75,000   
6. an onyx-mantled cockroach 55,000   
7. a Theren hissing cockroach 125,000   
8. an iridescent-blue cricket 90,000   
9. a winged prismatic cockroach 75,000