Beseech the Wind to Preserve quest

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

This is the first beseech that requires a quest. As with all quest beseeches go find Tomma and ask her about beseeches. From there it's a quick jaunt on the gondola to the snowbeast hunting area on the north side of the gondola. You need to SEARCH in each room till you find a rose in ice. The rose moves around so if you canvas the whole area and do not find it, start over.

After finding the rose, CARVE it out of the ice using an edged weapon. It may take several tries. Then WEAR it to take it back. If you put it in a container it will crumble away and you'll have to find it all over again. Return to Tomma and ask her about the beseech with the rose in your hand to complete the quest.


Note: It appears that more than 125 perception is needed to see the rose easily. It's possible to see it with as little as 120 perception, but it can take many tries to find it fully and not just "catch a glimpse".

VERY Important Second Note: If you are not aware, quests have expiration timers once started. If you go to try and find it and you are not finding the rose, let alone getting attempts to carve it, please return to Tomma and ask about the beseech once again.


Carving out the rose:

You work diligently at carving the ice with your carving knife, trying to avoid harming the fragile rose trapped within.
Chiseling around the rose, you carefully lift it out of its frozen tomb. The rose glistens with crystals of ice encrusted on its delicate, flowery petals. Roundtime: 13 sec.

Look rose:

The rose glistens with crystals of ice encrusted on its delicate petals. Fragile in appearance, the tiny rose is an exceptional representation of the perfect rose.