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Race Elothean
Gender Female
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime

General Information

  • Citizen of the Ilithi
  • Member of the House of the Steel Dove

You see Menara Totemaka Belea a'Ilotan, Strategist of the House of the Steel Dove, an Elothean Paladin.
Belea has tilted almond-shaped violet eyes. Her amber hair is very long and fine, and is worn tied back. She has fair skin.
A set of reflective stars float lazily around her left hand, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin.
She is fairly young for an Elothean.
She has a tattoo of a kneeling Elothean thrusting a sword skyward as she is encircled by a ring of spectral apparitions on her right wrist.
She is in good shape.


She is wearing a stylized silver dolphin haircomb set with tiny sapphire chips, a braided platinum eyebrow ring inset with a cluster of dark blue sapphires, some faceted diamond earrings set in bluish-white anlora-avtoma studs, a stately cloak of pure white silk adorned with the crest of the Paladins' Guild, a lion skeleton, a platinum-hued armor pack shot through with narrow strands of steelsilk, some gryphon talon elbow blades, a timeworn steel shield edged with an intricate shesegri pattern, a silver-plated parry stick etched with ornate knotwork, some steelsilk handwraps with a forged steel grip, an albredine crystal ring, a small animite ring, an ornate silver belt elegantly crafted from chainmail links, some pitted steel-toed footwraps, and some soft grey suede boots side-laced with steelsilk ribbons.

Early Life

Like so many other Elotheans from her generation, the bulk of Belea's was killed defending Shard during the Outcast War, and the resistance that followed. She was taken into the care and guidance of the House of Steel Dove, where she began learning both the art of war, and the benefit of peace at an early age. When she turned 15, she was told by Senuhir Shoan'a Berric that within one year, she would need to find and commit herself to the path of one of the guilds. Belea was divided. Though often she was filled with anger and rage, wanting nothing more than to exact vengence on the Outcast tribes, she was almost equally guided by the wisdom of Eluned, and Chadatru's call for justice. Belea spent the better part of her 15th year in meditation to answer which guild she would join - the Barbarian's, or the Paladin's. Ultimately she found her calling to be that of a Paladin. With her rage subsided, she made a vow to seek justice, exhausting all options for peace before taking an alternative stance.

Holy Weapon

Belea's holy weapon, Kam Nla'a (translated Tooth of the Lion), is a blade bestowed to her by Paladin Guildleader Snow, and was originally used by her mother. The blade is a physical representation of her allegiance to Chadatru, and justice.

A massively bladed bastard sword tightly wrapped with Elothean silk.

Your sword is shining with holy power.

Spanning the height of nearly two Gnomes, the sword's monstrous, timeworn blade shows signs of much action over the years yet maintains a razor-sharp edge. Etched into the surface of the blade is the phrase "Kam Nla'a" encircled by an olive laurel. Elothean silks, dyed deep crimson and blue-grey, are woven in alternating colors that tightly wrap around the weapon's grip down to a steel dove pommel.


Belea's shield is a family heirloom passed down throughout the generations. Last wielded by her father, it was nearly lost upon his death during the Outcast War, when Belea was a very young child. Recovered by former Tower Guard Yoneimo during one of his infilitrations of the tower during the resistance, the shield was passed to Senuhir Shoan'a Berric, who presented it to Belea as she rose in rank of the House.

A timeworn steel shield edged with an intricate shesegri pattern.

Despite obvious battle damage, this massive round shield looks as though it has easily protected, and outlived many owners. The darkened iron shesegri pattern weaves and knots all along the circumference of the shield, allowing for meditation on the battlefield. Meticulously forged images of an arching lion and a dolphin form a circle around the boss, indicating allegiance to Chadatru and Eluned. Etched inside the shield are generations of names, their house, and the Ferdahl they served.

A timeworn steel shield reads: Menara Totemaka Belea a'Ilotan. House of the Steel Dove. In service to Ferdahl Aemmin a'Emaylian. b. 3.8.368 AV, d.