Beastly Behavior (1)

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Beastly Behavior
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 396
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Beastly Behavior]
Tree branches and underbrush, some beginning to wilt, have been set up along the metal walls to give an impression of the wild as a backdrop for the shop's wares. An iron rack and an oak rack hold a variety of furs that have been tanned but otherwise retain much of the appearance of life -- complete with teeth and claws! You also see the door to the hall and a prominent sign.

A prominent sign reads:
Greetings! To buy our cloaks, please order:
From the iron rack From the oak rack
a badger pelt a boa skin
a ram pelt an arzumos pelt
a peccary hide a bear pelt
a snowbeast pelt a gryphon pelt
a jackal pelt a crocodile skin
a desmous pelt a bull hide

On the oak rack
Item Price Done
snout and skin of a blue-belly crocodile 4,059   !!
snout and skin of a river boa 4,059   !!
head and pelt of a cloudy arzumos 16,236   
head and pelt of a cave bear 16,236   
head and pelt of a tawny gold gryphon 16,236   
horned head and hide of a storm bull 16,236   
On the iron rack
Item Price Done
head and pelt of a huge badger 16,236   !!
horned head and fleecy pelt of a thunder ram 16,236   !!
head and hide of a bristle-back peccary 16,236   !!
pure white head and pelt of an enormous snowbeast 16,236   
head and short-haired pelt of a golden jackal 16,236   !!
maned head and pelt of a full-grown desumos 16,236