Banister Mausoleum Repository

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Banister Mausoleum, Repository
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67
Owner Progeny of Tezirah
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Moon Mage shops, Clothing shops, Weapon shops, Magic shops
Restrictions Progeny of Tezirah
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Banister Mausoleum, Repository]
Lit by a softly glowing tzgaa sconce, slow shadows creep across the room, never fully pulling away from the corners. Maintained by the sect, this repository is where new initiates may obtain the implements of the Progeny, for a nominal fee to cover their creation. A figure stands quietly in the darkness, ready to step forward and assist those with questions on the items. You also see a silk-draped wall with a polished obsidian mirror with a carved ebony frame resembling writhing shadows on it, a standing ebonwood rack with several things on it, a black onyx table with several things on it, a dark silver shoe tree with a couple of things on it and a female mannequin with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: southeast.

On the silk-draped wall
Item Price Done
polished obsidian mirror with a carved ebony frame resembling writhing shadows 180,400   !!
On the ebonwood rack
Item Price Done
black velvet pants embroidered with dark red spirals 3,179   !!
elegant lizardskin vest lined with delicate crimson silk 7,216   !!
ebony silk cloak reinforced to appear like a bat's membraned wings 15,712   !!
formal crushed-velvet jacket trimmed in red silk 8,659   !!
crested black cowl adorned with crimson tassels 811   !!
On the onyx table
Item Price Done
dark silver pin polished to a mirror-like sheen 4,059   !!
rosewood-handled razor engraved with images of the three moons 7,216   !!
black-bladed knife inset with a ruby on the pommel 11,004   
belt of coiled silver chain 6,043   !!
On the dark silver shoe tree
Item Price Done
pair of classy ebony evening slippers emblazoned with tiny silver eyes 4,365   !!
pair of crimson lizardskin boots fastened with clasps of silver 12,339   !!
On the female mannequin
Item Price Done
elegant ebony satin dress delicately stitched with a flowing web-like pattern 9,241   !!
dark silver medallion shaped like a tentacled mass surrounding a single eye 5,412   !!