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Awls are crafting tools used in the Tailoring discipline of the Outfitting skill
See Crafting Tools for details.

Creation and Repair

Awls are created using the Proficient Outfitting Design technique from the Blacksmithing discipline.


Awls use hardness to derive their potency.

  Durability Cap Speed Cap
Type Difficulty Weight Durability Speed Durability Speed
Store Bought -
pointed <metal> awl 6 - Somewhat Challenging 4 x density 3 - quite fragile 4 - very ineffective
narrow <metal> awl 8 - Complicated 4 x density 2 - very delicate 5 - not very effective
compact <metal> awl 9 - Intricate 4 x density 1 - extremely weak 7 - rather effective
slender <metal> awl 10 - Difficult 4 x density


Iron awlfalsecompletely ineffective1very delicate2well7
Awl carved of burnished ebonytrueexceptionally effective9somewhat unsound6masterfully12
Oak-handled steel awltruenot very effective5rather reinforced11masterfully12

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