Aunt Olma's Tog Story

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Aunt Olma's Tog Story

Gor'Tog is old. Not you and me Gor'Togs, but Gor'Tog, the people. Not as old as Elf, but Gor'Tog was here when Dwarf came, when S'kra Mur came. Elf, Human, Eloth, Halfling, they leaved Gor'Tog alone. Dwarf digged mines in Tog caves, made big noise, made Gor'Tog leave. S'kra Mur made Gor'Tog work for him, plow and harvest.

Gor'Tog not so strong then, they say. He strong, but not big strong like now. S'kra Mur told Gor'Tog strong mate with strong, it make strong babies. He smart, but not cared much about Gor'Tog then. Just wanted strong workers because he not strong. Gor'Tog worked, he leaved him alone. Gor'Tog not worked, he hurted Gor'Tog.

Then came Long Winter. S'kra Mur get cold and hungry, he die easy. He told Gor'Tog go away so S'kra Mur have enough food. Gor'Tog not work for S'kra Mur again. Gor'Tog found food, lived free. Cold not much trouble for Gor'Tog. Others not yet think he was people but he was happy.

Dwarf saw Gor'Tog was strong. He gave Gor'Tog kronars, food, good caves. He told Gor'Tog to dig. He told Gor'Tog if he not want to dig, he go away free. Dwarf not hurt Gor'Tog.

After Long Winter, Elf and Human have big war. Many killed. Elf and Human not as smart as they thinked then. Dwarf was friend with Human, so he helped Human. Gor'Tog was friend with Dwarf, so he helped Dwarf.

Eloth was friend with Elf so he helped Elf. Elf give S'kra Mur kronars when S'kra Mur poor after Winter, so S'kra Mur helped Elf a while.

Halfling small, not strong. He stayed away from war, sell goods to Elf and Human, sell talk to Elf and Human. Halfling got kronars, not got killed.

After war, others decide Halfling was wise. They joined, made Empire. Empire said Gor'Tog was people, they join Empire too. Gor'Tog liked Empire. He build roads, bridges, towers for Empire. He sometimes fight for Empire. He rule Empire for 7 years, then build more.

Empire lasted many years. It was good. Gor'Tog wants Empire back again. Province is good, Crossing is good, but not strong like Empire.

Some people ruined Empire with spies and lies. They sold good of Empire for kronars, let bad of Empire grow big. Empire fall over like tree with rot from inside, not tree with ax from outside.

After Empire came Dragon Priests. S'kra Mur woman Zree killed good S'kra Mur priest man with hard name, took Dragon Priests. Dragon Priests hurt Humans, Elf, Gor'Tog, everyone. Zree said it was for World Dragon, so he not get angry and burn Elanthia. Olma knows Peri'el keeps World Dragon quiet, Zree just bad. Dragon Priests killed the storytellers and poem builders, so world left only with people like Olma to tell stories. Old wife not tell good stories like poem builder. Just tell truth as her mother Gragna told it.

Eloth, Elf, say that Gor'Tog is son of Troll. They not making insult, they think it true. They say Human is son of Ape, S'kra Mur is son of walking Lizard. But Eloth say he son of thought of gods, so what does he know?

Gor'Tog is not stupid. He is slow in mind, but he keep thinking until he get answer or he ask someone who knows. He always get answer somehow, or else answer not matter anyway.

Gor'Tog sometimes pretend to be stupid to fool other people. That seem pretty smart to Olma.

Gor'Tog is strong, works all day without getting tired. Not afraid to work all day like S'kra Mur, Elf, Elothean, Halfling. Gor'Tog built Throne City of Empire. Elfs and Humans make plans, draw pictures, but Gor'Tog take rocks from pit and built city. Gragna said city still stands today. Olma believes Gragna. Tog towers stand up until the sky falls, Tog bridges stay over water until water runs dry.

Gor'Togs have sense. We do what needs to be done. After that, we rest. Gragna said a simple life is a happy life. Olma believes Gragna about that too.