Augs Uda

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This is the updated version as of 5/11/2016. For the old version, see Augs Uda (Obsolete).

Augs Uda
Province Therengia
Town Siksraja
Map Ranik's Map 149
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Herb shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Augs Uda]
This hut's interior is larger than it appears outside the open archway that serves as its entrance. A few hooks hang from the support posts, and two display cases run along the back wall. A small cabinet, intricately carved with sunburst patterns, completes the furnishings. You also see a wood archway and a small table with a copper pot filled with oshu'mary tea on it.

On the small hook
Item Price Done
sharply curved pruning knife 300   
On the medium hook
Item Price Done
petite tea caddy 1,000   
On the large hook
Item Price Done
herbalist's satchel 5,000   
In the pale display case
Item Price Done
cup of cinnamon-nemoih tea 1,800   
cup of jadice tea flavored with honey and black pepper 1,400   !!
cup of heady plovik and hibiscus tea 1,800   
cup of nilos tea with tangy notes of orange balanced by cardamom 1,700   
cup of pungent georin tea flecked with bits of dried peppers floating throughout 1,800   
cup of fragrant hulnik tea 1,700   
cup of sufil and rosehip tea replete with herbal flavors 1,700   
cup of soothing aloe-water and gaisroka tea 1,600   
In the dark display case
Item Price Done
cup of blueberry-eghmok tea 2,200   
cup of golden yelith and sage tea 1,900   !!
cup of ithor tea infused with anise and lemongrass 2,200   
cup of dark muljin tea with a bitter underlying scent 2,100   
cup of aromatic bright green riolur tea 2,200   
cup of heavily spiced junliar tea 2,100   
cup of aevaes and apricot tea scented with cloves 2,100   
cup of acrid lujeakave tea 2,200   
In the small cabinet
Item Price Done
cup of eghmok-infused hulij-qun tea 3,200   
cup of blocil and raspberry tea with the slightest bitter nuloe aroma 2,500   
cup of ojhenik tea suffused with ithor and genich essence 3,000   
cup of genich-ojhenik tea with hints of muljin intermingled throughout 2,900   
cup of genich tea mingled with diluted ojhenik extract 2,900   
cup of hulij tea swirled with sugared qun pollen 3,200   
cup of cebi and hisan tea with a vibrant floral scent 3,100   
cup of qun tea with the distinctly botanical scent of hulij 3,200   
On the small table
Item Price Done
cup of oshu'mary tea 0