Anzu ia Bima

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Anzu ia Bima is a party hall, including dancing, dining, and gambling, in Riverhaven, at the Trader Guild.


To reserve a room, go to the small office on the second floor, and ask CLERK about PARTY.

[Anzu ia Bima, Reservations]
Framed chalk sketches and paintings line the walls of the small office, displaying party rooms filled with guests in some, and others displaying food and drink presentations. Comfortable chairs sit in front of a fine birch desk, where guests may sit to discuss their plans with the reservation clerk. You also see a price list and a reservation clerk.
Obvious exits: out.

A reservation clerk says, "So, your are interested in holding a party or banquet with us? Thats a wonderful idea. It's a great way to impress customers and clients. We have several OPTIONS that you can ask me about, beyond the basics of having a room with food. For the basic party reservation, the fee can range from 50000 Lirums on up. Just ORDER PARTY to begin the reservation process."

A reservation clerk says, "We have several options available for an extra cost. The most popular is the addition of a DANCE floor. We can also issue you a number of INVITATIONS for you to hand out to your guests. Other options may become available at a later date, so be sure to check back with me about them from time to time. Any time you want to add an option, you will need to have your RECEIPT in hand."

A reservation clerk nods and says, "Of course, what would a party be without a little gambling. For a modest fee you can add the use of our gaming room, and its staff, to add a litte more excitement to your party. Just take a look at our price list to see what the cost would be for a given location. If you decide you would like to add this feature, simply ORDER GAMBLING."

The list reads:
                        Riverhaven Traders Guild
                     Banquet Reservations Price List
Location                      Banquet   Dancing   Invitations   Gambling
* Anzu ia Bima                50000     10000     10000         30000     

                         All prices in Lirums
           (Discounts given to members of the Traders Guild)
(Locations marked by an * are available only to members of the Traders Guild)


[Anzu ia Bima, Banquet Room]
An elaborate gold and crystal chandelier hangs on a heavy golden chain above a long, wide banquet table that has been covered with crisp white linen. Carefully polished silverware, porcelin plates, and fine crystal sparkle and gleam in the brilliant light in a display of perfection. Neatly dressed waiters and waitresses preen the tables, quickly replacing empty or imperfect morsels while stocking plates and keeping everything immaculate. You also see a dance floor, a brass hinged door, a walnut door and a banquet table with a couple of things on it.

[Anzu ia Bima, Performance Area]
High vaulted ceilings dome the top of a large, brightly lit room, panelled with exquisitely detailed paintings of the Therengian countryside. On one side of the room is a low, semicircular step that separates the applewood performance stage from the rest of the room. Surrounding the stage is a small tier of comfortable chairs, plush with goose-down with velvety red fabric. Small folding drink stands wait in a back corner allowing guests refreshments to watch the performances in perfect comfort. You also see an elaborate southern arch.
Obvious exits: none.

[Anzu ia Bima, Dance Floor]
Highly polished deobar floors leave hazy reflections of dancers in the soft candlelight that merrily flickers as if keeping time to the music. The seamless mirrored ceiling dances with the colors of the room and its guests, as well as capturing the iridescent, fluttering movement of the spidersilk curtains that hang on a tall window along the far wall. Gentle sweet breezes play through the room as if harmonizing with the melody of the joyous tunes that tremble in the air.
Obvious exits: east.

This room has special functions for Paladins.