Akul'tiz Invasions

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Therengia chrysalis opened.

410-237, Lesser Fist erupts, destroying the Moon Mage guildhall.

Eruption Messaging

  • The constant roar of the scorching wind sounds like a cinder beast howling directly in your ear.
  • A town guard rushes into the area, dodging falling cinders. After a moment he blows a piercingly loud curled horn. "Eruption! Find shelter immediately!" Pulling his coat tighter around him, he pushes onward through the hot winds.
  • A distant rumble echoes over the howling wind, leaving you to wonder what collapsed, and whether anything near you might be next.
  • You hear the dull rumble of something collapsing in the distance, and hope your shelter isn't next.
  • A salt crab suddenly appears.
    A salt crab rights itself, then clatters away swiftly.
  • The howling of the winds seem to rattle your bones.
  • Outside a storm rages, the winds howling angrily as they sweep across the realms.
  • A titanic *crack* seems to shake the world, staggering you.

    Just as you catch a hint of a commotion outside, a massive shockwave impacts you, the god-like blow rattling the walls and nearly crushing you to the ground! A vast roaring fills your ears, drowning out all other sounds.

    The world plunges into blackness.

    Your other senses stretch out as you attempt to make some sense of what is happening to you. You detect the sickly-sweet scent of rot and feel something like a fetid breath on the back of your neck.

    An utterly-foreign feeling of powerlessness assails you, as if some mighty presence is intent upon bending you to its will. The feeling abruptly relents and your normal vision returns.
  • Something large impacts your shelter from above.
  • A horn blows faintly above the sound of the wind.
  • Even here you can feel the heat and violence of the winds blowing outside.
  • The violence of the winds blowing outside makes you very glad that you are inside.
  • The crashing of the storm brings about horrifying visions of the end of Elanthia.
  • You hear a loud, constant wailing in the distance, accompanied by the hissing of ash threatening to scorch everything in its path.

Dust Devils

  • A swirling vortex of ash and dust spins into the area.
  • Roaring winds spin and turn wildly within a weak ashy dust devil as it tears a path of destruction through the area. Dust, sand, and debris caught in the rampaging vortex spiral violently within its terrible embrace.
  • The howling wind pounds against you, making it very difficult to maintain your balance.
  • Flaming cinders rain down from above, one piece striking you hard despite your desperate attempt to dodge! You are stunned and knocked to the ground!
  • With a faint sigh, a weak ashy dust devil breaks apart, merging with the storm winds