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Status Active
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime


Warrior of Tieheq Akexon Finrouja, Speaker of the Order of the Iron Circle, a Kaldar.
He has ale-brown eyes. His auburn hair is short and wavy, and is worn tousled. He has tanned skin.
He has a glossy mustache that glides over his upper lip before twining into a lush, belly-sweeping beard. The beard is tamed into several braids banded with transparent icesteel rings, the central plait graced with a magnificent molten-core diamond. His shoulder has a tattoo of a silver shield etched with the words "Honor Until Death".

He was born on the 33rd day of the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram in the year of the Emerald Dolphin, 362 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

He is wielding a massive zweihander emblazoned with the image of Tieheq.

He is wearing a pair of delicately etched platinum zills edged with deep red rubies, a sleeveless white silk tunic belted with a steely grey sash, a heavy platinum band bearing a diamond encrusted crest, a braided armure anklet dangling spherical-shaped vengeance ruby charms, a simple silver ring, a dull serpent earcuff and a sleek floor-length longcoat crafted of fine black leathers.


Original: a gigantic zweihander with a blued steel blade
Alteration: a massive zweihander emblazoned with the image of Tieheq

The blade of this enormous weapon is honed to the finest of edges and attached to a leather-wrapped hilt topped with an equally massive pommel, each piece counterbalances the others to create a perfect symmetry of weight. Etched into the metal above the ricasso is a depiction of Tieheq ready to charge into battle with his spear "Namivy" in his left hand, and his greatsword "Ixiusks" held aloft in his right. The words "Tieheq ivamen keto vadram" are inscribed into the metal above the Lord of Iron's head.

Alterer: LTB scroll

Original: a ceremonial vardite aegis bristling with kertig spikes
Alteration: a spiked vardite aegis depicting the Alaudian pantheon

Serving as the boss of the vardite aegis is a representation of Tliij, a dark orb set into the orange metal with heavy kertig spikes encircling the planet. Around them, the crossed spear and greatsword of Tieheq, the flaming anvil of Merion, and the rimewolf of Misiumos adorn the top of the shield, while the globe of Orisas lies at the bottom. The four emblems stand out, embellished to emphasize these deities, while two trios of symbols for the remaining Alaudian pantheon line each edge.

Alterer: LTB scroll

Original: a lustrous white ironwood pilgrim's badge
Alteration: a globe-shaped pure white spiritwood pilgrim's badge circumscribed with windsteel
Alterer: Lasto, Guildfest 431

Original: a triple-headed icon forged from palladium
Alteration: a dual-headed palladium icon with windsteel accents

Half of the silvery icon is forged into the visage of a roaring lion, the symbol of Chadatru. Its flowing mane reaches back towards the other half, merging into the skull of a dragon, symbol of the Alaudian god Xosiurion. Windsteel composes the eyes of the lion, horns of the dragon, and the teeth of both beasts. The metal has been dutifully polished to enhance the whorled patterns, which seem to shift and glisten when the icon is moved.

Alterer: Hrinagri, Guildfest 431