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Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime
Relatives Ikiris, Rhazwyn, Kyodan, Walcar, Zeroe


You see Aeymi of Elanthia, a Rakash. Aeymi has an oval face, slightly pointed ears, sparkling sapphire eyes and a classical nose. Her golden brown hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn arranged in pigtails. She has tanned skin and an athletic figure. She is slightly under average height for a Rakash. She appears to be young.


She is wearing a dusty oilcloth rucksack with rough leather straps, a pair of metallic red boots fashioned from cinder beast hides, a platinum earcuff dangling a single feather, an iron-spiked leather collar, some snug leggings of scarlet leather belted with a gypsy scarf, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, an albredine crystal ring, a pirate shirt with both arms torn off and a scarlet silk sash hung with tiny silver bells.