Aesry Housing

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Caution.png Note that the following article is not necessarily accurate as it is a chronicling of data on player-owned locations. Because this is census data concerning player-owned establishments, housing or locations, the data on this page may be out of date or may be have been edited for privacy. These pages should not include any player information on non-publicly accessible locations or information considered game-secrets.

At a Glance Listing for Housing on the island of Surlaenis.

Aesry HighlandsAesry Surlaenis'aMiddleRuralFree
None8918 May 2019
Aesry MeadowlandsAesry Surlaenis'aMiddleRuralFreeNone0828 March 2021
Aesry Trader's GuildAesry Surlaenis'aMiddle
RuralDoorTraderNone034 April 2021
Ger IlerthanAesry Surlaenis'aUpperUrbanDoorCity3411 July 2020
Inn of the Crystal WaveAesry Surlaenis'aUpperUrbanDoorCity5531 August 2020
Lezeni's CoveAesry Surlaenis'aLower
RuralFreeNone71218 May 2019
Ondjai CourtyardsAesry Surlaenis'aUpperUrbanFreeNone31518 May 2019
Wooded PathAesry Surlaenis'aMiddleRuralFreeRangerNone4418 May 2019