Adashjkah's Perfumes

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Adashjkah's Perfumes
Province Therengia
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
Owner Adashjkah
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Perfume shops
This store only accepts Lirums

This Shop is on the Street of Alchemists

[Adashjkah's Perfumes]
Even the dullest and most congested nose would be overwhelmed by the staggering assailment of conflicting smells sealed within this bastion of olfactory strength. Individually sampling the various perfumes within the shop's confines would serve as a virtual impossibility.
You also see a wide table with several things on it, a blue door and a sign.
Obvious exits: none.

On the wide table
Item Price Done
brown and green painted vial - Desert Spice Perfume 1,800   
violet and orange painted vial - Velakan Storm Perfume 1,600   
tiny ruby decanter 5,000   
white and blue painted vial - Sandy Wind Cologne 1,600   !!
pink and black painted vial - Desert Rose Perfume 1,700   !!
yellow and grey painted vial - Baking Earth Cologne 1,500   !!