Mother of pearl

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Mother of pearl at a Glance
Material Type Shells
Colors Silver, Steel blue, Blue, Green, Bronze, White, Black
Rarity Common
Cultural Relevance None
Required for Alterations No

Nacre, or mother of pearl, is an organic–inorganic composite material produced by some molluscs as an inner shell layer; it is also the material of which pearls are composed. It is strong, resilient, and iridescent.

Mother of pearl coloration is actually a result of structural coloration, meaning its microscopical structures are fine enough to interfere with visible light. However, natural nacre may be artificially tinted to almost any color.

Alteration Rules

This material is not required for alterations.

Raw Material Sources


ItemSource isRarity is
Abalone Peri'el amulet strung upon a strand of damilyo pearlsSnake Pit
Abalone-inlaid walnut crossbowZareen's Fortune (1)
Admiral's light crossbow crafted from smooth ebonwoodItem:Admiral's sailcloth backpack adorned with gleaming brass buttonsCurse of the Ghost Ship/End LootItem:Admiral's sailcloth backpack adorned with gleaming brass buttons
Anklet of fine silver links connecting oval mother-of-pearl beadsOuter Beauty (3)Outer Beauty (1)
Anklet of fine silver links connecting pale mother-of-pearl beadsOuter Beauty (2)
Armor:Set of ceremonial war plate with mother-of-pearl dragons adorning the breastplate
Articulated acrobat accented with abaloneGreeter Gifts
Aubergine plate armor streaked with lightningShiny's Shinies (2)In Shining Armor
Azure leather fishmonger's garter buckled with mother-of-pearl troutJakuv's All-Trades Outlet (3)Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet (2)Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet (1)
Beaded silver necklace graced with a mother-of-pearl bloodroot blossom pendantTildi's Faire Flowers (1)
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