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Status Active
Race Wind Elf
Gender Female
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime



You see Tehana Isilhaize.
She has pointed ears, a freckled nose and wide-set dark eyes.
Her ginger hair is long and wavy, and is worn in a loose, simple style.
She has tanned skin and is slightly under average height for an Elf.
She is an young.


Few things are publically known of Tehana: she is from Horse Clan (and thereby, loves horses), has two family members who are also Rangers, and is one of the more reclusive members of her guild. The young 'walker is most often found in earth or forest tones, accented by amber and a few bright, beaded feathers when not in the field. She has been seen in the company of the Rakash Barbarian Rhorgul frequently and is known to run with a steely grey Akhaal mare, russet wolf cub close behind.


  • 30 Skullcleaver 431: Tehana and Rhorgul meet at Guildfest. (08.13.19)
  • 19 Arhat 431: Arrives in Crossing to train under Kalika. (07.21.19)
  • 29 Nissa 388: Born to an Elven Empath Irinrie and Elven Ranger Olorik, in Zaldi Taipa.


~:*:~ an aged leather waterskin tooled with dragonflies
Look: Burnished edges cause the seams to nearly disappear into a distressed, oil-tanned surface, which is tooled with a myriad of dragonflies that appear to be frolicking amidst water lilies. Faded and muted, once jeweled tones paint a nearly scrutable scene of insects and their softer-hued floral companions across the stretched surface. It is stoppered with a fitted deer antler attached by a bit of sinew and hangs from a short braided leather cord.

a bleached doeskin poncho tinged with faint birch bark pattern
Look: Crafted of supple doeskin, the poncho has been whitened then tannin-stained with a realistic pattern of dark rifts and striations reminiscent of birch limbs. The hooded garment is cut to thigh length with a longer swallowtail caping behind, and loosely laced to the neck with strips of tawny leather that end in tiny bee-shaped amber beads.

a gleaming silver wolf earcuff with tiny ivory fangs
Look: Polished to a bright finish, the silver tail, body, and paws of the canine are shaped to fit snugly around the pinna of the wearer's ear. Narrowed hematite eyes are nearly obscured by a snarling mien, with diminutive ivory fangs exposed as if ready to strike at the lobe.

First Person Atmospheric: A tiny snarl is the only warning you have before the wolf earcuff strikes at your earlobe in response to your peril. When the sting from the nip recedes, you feel somewhat restored.

Third Person Atmospheric: Tehana's wolf earcuff snarls, glowing a faint silvery-red as it bites her. Cheeks flushing, she appears somewhat restored.