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Weapon Roundtime Research

Since the old formula was out of date, I've decided to do some research to get some current data. To accomplish this, I've crafted up a variety of weapons intending to check out roundtimes on each one for individuals with various strength, agility and skill levels. I've got several characters on the low end (20-30 str/agi), and have already found someone on the high end (75 str/agi), but I need people in the in-between. If you're interested in helping me figure it out, please drop me a line at KashnaDR via AIM. Once I have sufficient data to produce something worthwhile I'll post the results here.

First recognition: The current chart that indicates minimum possible roundtimes is accurate. With 75 str/agi one achieves 2/4/5 with twohanders, 2/4/4 with large edge/blunt, and 1/3/3 with medium & small edge/blunt. ...with an occasional 2-second lunge/thrust for the light varieties. As such, I'm removing the "out-of-date" notice from the article.

That said, I would still like assistance in figuring out the breakpoints for reduced roundtimes in the ranges of 35-70 strength. Please contact me if you're willing to assist in the research!

For those curious, here's a list of the weapons in question:

Weapon Class Actual Weapon Weight in Stones Why Included
Light Edge Stiletto 10 very light LE
Light Edge Katar 15 average LE
Light Edge Dao 21 heavy LE
Light Blunt Bludgeon 21 to compare blunt edged RTs
Medium Edge Foil 21 to compare ME/LE + light ME
Medium Edged Gladius 26 typical entry-level ME
Medium Edged Cutlass 31 heavy ME
Medium Blunt Mace 40 typical MB (and heavy medium weapon)
Heavy Edged Broadsword 27 light HE
Heavy Edged Abassi 40 average HE
Heavy Edged Robe Sword 50 heavy HE
Heavy Blunt Heavy Chain 45 average HB
Twohanded Blunt Sledgehammer 50 typical entry-level twohanded weight
Twohanded Blunt Footman's Flail 65 average twohanded weight
Twohanded Edged Claymore 58 average twohanded weight
Twohanded Edged Greatsword 90 heavy twohander

KASHNA (talk) 21:27, 19 July 2016 (CDT)