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Weapon Roundtime Research

Since the old formula was out of date, I've decided to do some research to get some current data. To accomplish this, I've crafted up a variety of weapons intending to check out roundtimes on each one for individuals with various strength, agility and skill levels. I've got several characters on the low end (20-30 str/agi), and have already found someone on the high end (75 str/agi), but I need people in the in-between. If you're interested in helping me figure it out, please drop me a line at KashnaDR via AIM. Once I have sufficient data to produce something worthwhile I'll post the results here.

First recognition: The current chart that indicates minimum possible roundtimes is accurate. With 75 strength/stam one achieves 2/4/5 with twohanders, 2/4/4 with large edge/blunt, and 1/3/3 with medium & small edge/blunt. ...with an occasional 2-second lunge/thrust for the light varieties. As such, I'm removing the "out-of-date" notice from the article.

That said, I would still like assistance in figuring out the breakpoints for reduced roundtimes in the ranges of 35-70 strength. Please contact me if you're willing to assist in the research! KASHNA (talk) 21:27, 19 July 2016 (CDT)