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Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime
Relatives Svidran, Sendithu, Maltris, Synamon



You see Fist of the Heavens Samsaren Remlane-Shima'ionare, Lord Knight, a Human Paladin.
He has a ruggedly handsome face with a strong chin and faint laugh lines framing knowing, almond-shaped stormy grey eyes. His grey-streaked silver hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn tied back. He has calloused hands, faintly sun-darkened skin and a powerful build.
He is very tall for a Human.
He is venerable.
He has a tattoo of a whirling sword dancer with dual blades raised in fierce salute on his back.

He is holding a broad-bladed haralun robe sword with silver inlay in his right hand and a vardite pavise shield emblazoned with animite inlay in his left.
He is wearing a tailored jaalmin longcoat clasped with polished animite buttons, a careworn palladium pilgrim's badge inlaid with a rampant damite lion, a fitted grey madun doublet with black hemmed slashing, a shadow emerald infinity wedding band, a wide damite signet ring, some fitted jaalmin pants with shadow emerald buckles and a pair of black leather combat boots with animite fasteners.



Since Samsaren is always too busy doing that whole Paladin thing to bother, we took it upon ourselves to write this. ( He will totally kill thank us!) This charming Emerald Knight has been around the block a time or two ("Dude's been around, that's for sure."), but it has not been all fun and games. He was the Vice Speaker of the Phoenix Warriors and served as a lieutenant for the Baron’s Own during the Outcast War, but that was before the Theren debacle, and he told them to go cuddle Outcasts without him (which is a TON more polite than we were, really)! He ended up in Shard (where all the cool people live) and served as bodyguard to Sendithu during her time as Ambassador. He has even done that whole meditating on the visions thing, so the guy is well rounded!

His family includes his cousin Svidran, and he swore an oath of brotherhood to that ranger guy. (Maltris, or something like that... the guy is a ranger, they live in trees!) And LADIES! Our guy is currently single but he knows how to buy a ring! He has been married twice, but no one is lurking in a closet with a sharp object, so you are safe. (Aww Sammy is a good husband and he misses them, be nice!) We might count as family too until he sees this, then all bets are off. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and loves it when people ply him with booze and the occasional fruity drink with an umbrella (well rounded!).

Update!! Romance!! Update!! Fairy Tale Mush!! Update!!

Tales as old as time, speak of beauty and the beast meeting and falling in love. Our Sammy is quite handsome, but have you seen him wield a sword.. BEASTLY! After serving as her bodyguard, friend, and confidante (let's face it, she doesn't need a bodyguard, but who wouldn't want to pretend?), our handsome paladin has fallen for the stunning, totally not a ho-bag, Sendithu. Ever the gentleman, he waited AGES (seriously why did this take so long) to bridge the gap between friendship and love with his stunning lady love, but once he leapt... he totally crashed to the ground, heavy plate is heavy.

All kidding aside ( or at least most ) We could not be happier to report this change in status for our favorite man behind the shield, and wish them years of love and happiness. As just remember, Sendithu is far from just arm candy, Stabbity Sendi will cut a .... never mind.

Samsaren's Gear

TAP: a pair of silver-trimmed steel gauntlets deeply etched with dark seals
LOOK: The gauntlets are thick and heavy, generously padded with layers of clean white wool to provide comfort through long hours of intense use. Silver bands on the cuffs and knuckles, polished to a mirror shine, accent the brushed steel. The metal is unblemished and pristine except for the dark etchings: the seal of Chadatru adorning the back of one hand, while that of Truffenyi marks the other. Nearly inconspicuous, the image of etched crossed swords decorates the palms.

TAP: a winged steel helm trimmed with gleaming silver bands
LOOK: Solidly constructed of heavy brushed steel, the helm is sturdy and formidable. Metal frames the face closely to provide protection but leaves the features unobstructed. Polished silver strips line the borders of the steel and form a thick band around the forehead area. Two silver wings spread from the sides of the helm, each etched with a feathered surface that glints softly when struck by the available light. Barely noticeable in the pattern is the hidden image of a paladin kneeling in prayer.

TAP: some silver-edged steel field armor deeply etched with crossed black swords
LOOK: Thick silver bands polished to a mirror shine trim the edges and seams of the armor, gleaming bright against the dull brushed steel plates. The dark blades crossing the breastplate are burnt deeply into the metal and spread across the chest in a wide "X". In the intersection, intricately shadow-etched, is a detailed scene revealing a Paladin bravely defending a cowering family from a menacing shadow. Faint lettering surrounding the scene reads, "The last light shall come from a Paladin's upheld blade."

TAP: a vardite pavise shield emblazoned with animite inlay
LOOK: An intricate scene plays out across the broad face of the shield, the dark grey animite providing stark contrast to the ruddy vardite. A stoic Human, shield raised high, leads a group of adventurers into battle, his well-worn armor shadow-etched in remarkable detail. Behind him, a sapphire-eyed Prydaen unleashes bolts of silver flame while an Elven woman's amethyst eyes appear to scan the area from the shadows. A Human squire flanks the group, eagerly clutching a tall spetum.

TAP: a broad-bladed haralun robe sword with silver inlay
LOOK: Battleworn, yet showing indication of having been lovingly cared for, the blade bears several nicks and scratches, the telltale signs of heavy use despite expert maintenance. Just below the hilt, an ox and a rampant lion, the symbols of Truffeyni and Chadatru, have been shadow-etched into the murky black haralun blade. Carefully engraved into the cross guard, the initials "S.L." are inlaid with crushed pink sapphires.

TAP: a haralun sterak axe with an elaborately engraved handle
LOOK: On each side of the expertly sharpened axe, an ox and a rampant lion, the symbols of Truffeyni and Chadatru, are shadow-etched into the murky black haralun. A humble soldier's prayer in Gamgweth is carved into the handle in script too small to read. Carefully engraved into the crossguard, the initials "S.L." are inlaid with crushed pink sapphires..


This profile has been brought to you by (the players of) Synamon and Allye! The content has not really been reviewed, approved or in any way endorsed by Samsaren, except for when we showed it to him that one time and he was like, "Easy there killer, you girls are crazy."

All characters profiled in this profile are Samsaren. Any resemblence to Hiko Seijuro is purely coincidental.