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Refining ingots is a necessary part of Forging. Refining is the process of removing impurities from the basic ingot and utilizes a crucible and some Borax flux. See the Item:Apprentice blacksmithing book for in-game information.

To refine an ingot just put it in a crucible, POUR FLUX IN CRUCIBLE, and stir it as you normally would to form an ingot initially. To achieve the highest quality possible, it is likely that you will need to complete the process more than once.

The Blacksmithing Technique Proficient Metal Refining makes the process much more efficient by reducing the amount of material lost in the refining process from approximately 50% down to 20%.

The quality of the ingot has a very strong effect upon the quality of the final crafted product.

Ingot Quality

This section is under construction:

  1. Dismal quality
  2. Average in quality
  3. Outstanding quality
  4. Well-crafted
  5. Masterfully-crafted