Raven's Court, Dining Room

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The Raven's Court, Dining Room
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1i
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Raven's Court, Dining Room]
Crafted crystal glassware, delicately gilded china and elegant silver adorn each of the dozens of polished ebony tables in the large dining room. A detailed menu rests upon a carved goldenoak easel along the wall closest to the foyer, visible to patrons before they have been seated. Ringing the walls of the room is a well-maintained water garden, with small fountains emitting the soothing sound of gently splashing water at each corner. You also see some broad marble steps, a formal waiter and a golden filigreed dessert cart tended by a formal waitress with several things on it.

On the dessert cart
Item Price Done
a slice of Greater Fist lava cake served with rich vanilla ice cream 237   !!
a slice of Zoluren dream cheesecake served in a chocolate cookie crust 237   
a luscious cream puff drizzled with caramel sauce and wrapped in spun sugar 237   !!
a chocolate thunder brownie topped with whipped cream and sweet shavings 237   !!

A detailed menu reads:

                                                      Raven's Court
                                       -= Exquisite Dining for the Most Refined Tastes =-                                        
Item Price Done
1 - Surlaenisan Jewel - Island white rum blended with tropical fruits and vanilla 350   !!
2 - Katamba's Eclipse - Infused dark rum that delights the palate 350   !!
3 - Verdeslin Dark Reserve - A superior aged brandy with subtle notes of black currant 350   
4 - Zoluren Crush - Velvety smooth blend of wine, orange liqueur and gladiolus nectar 350   
5 - Tribal Fire - A zesty cocktail guaranteed to set your heart and soul on fire 350   !!
6 - Tethloren Velvet Coffee - A perfect refresher with exotically spiced undercurrents 350   
7 - Raven's Court Creamed Espresso - Delightful blend with subtle infusions of white chocolate and almond 350   
8 - Taisidon Mountain Spritzer - Delicate white wine blended with snow pear nectar 350   
9 - Chateau Talan Reserve - A full-bodied wine with a delectable nose of black cherries, dark chocolate and well balanced oak 450   
10 - Frostweyr Divine Wine - A perfect balance of citrus, floral and honey that lingers gracefully on the palate 450   
Item Price Done
11 - Dragonflower Salad - Zesty petals, tomatoes and mozzarella served over mixed greens drizzled with a light bacon vinaigrette 850   !!
12 - Rissan Crab Flowers - Calla blossoms stuffed with sweet crab meat and coconut shavings, topped with a creamy parmesan sauce 850   !!
13 - Imperial Sourdough Bread - Golden-crusted half loaf served piping hot with a sharp pimento cheese dip 750   !!
Item Price Done
14 - Butter Poached Pi'Qanah Lobster - Served with baby Therengian gold potatoes and purple asparagus spears 1,250   !!
15 - Fang Cove Fantail Shrimp - Pan seared garlic shrimp served with wild rice and marmalade-drizzled melon slices 1,200   !!
16 - Fire Grilled Longhouse Steak - Served with whipped parmesan potatoes and truffled sweet corn blended with caramelized pearl onions 1,250   !!
17 - Siksraja Marinated Venison Medallions - Braised to perfection and drizzled with a zesty sherry mushroom sauce, served with creamy pasta 1,225   !!
18 - Musparan Glazed Duck - Pan roasted with a gingered honey glaze and served with creamed spinach topped with walnut slivers 1,200   !!