Quick Bite (4)

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A Quick Bite
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
Owner Mitola
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Ranger shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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[A Quick Bite, Salesroom]
Something keeps this room perpetually chilly, almost the temperature of an icehouse on a summer day. Gleaming metal walls contrast with the warmth of the hand-polished wooden racks displaying the shop's wares. A butcher block counter stands in one corner.
You also see a steel door and a small sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A small sign reads:

We have recently been able to secure more of the freezer boxes for sale, and herewith offer them for sale.  Our new merchandise holds 1 piece of meat, but unlike previous offerings, it will prevent all decay while the meat is stored in the box.  Please note that some of the boxes are designed to be worn in other locations than a belt. - Mitola"
On the flamewood rack
Item Price Done
spruce box decorated with a carved black raven 750,000   
grey box with a black clasp 750,000   
fir box depicting a mountain scene 750,000   
burgundy-dyed thornweave-covered box with a gold clasp 1,375,000   
polished tamboti box with a circular gold clasp 3,000,000   
smooth walnut box painted with colorful tarts 750,000   
bright green box shaped like a squatting frog 750,000   
black and yellow striped box covered with inlaid honeybees 1,000,000   
shell-covered box covered with a silver clasp shaped like a seashell 750,000   
plain steel box with two crossed arrows on the front 750,000   
dull pewter box enameled with pink roses 750,000   
On the rowan rack
Item Price Done
steelsilk-covered box with a silver clasp 1,000,000   
muracite box shaped like an acorn 875,000   
iron-bound box with a square clasp 750,000   
jet-black box with a painted with a crimson dragon 750,000   
cream-colored box depicting a lone pine tree 750,000   
pale blue box covered with painted toadstools 750,000   
purple-painted box depicting clusters of grapes 750,000   
carved elm box with a mountain lion 750,000   
polished rowan box with a storm-tossed ship on the front 750,000   
polished brass box engraved with shambling skeletons and zombies 750,000   
On the willow rack
Item Price Done
seasilk-covered box with a conch-shaped golden clasp 17,500,000   
coralite box with a fish-shaped golden clasp 10,000,000   
pine box painted with a pack of howling jackals 750,000   
bright orange box shaped like a pumpkin 750,000   
white box painted with a cardinal on a branch 750,000   
polished maple box carved with a running horse 750,000   
tarnished copper box engraved with a hooded cobra 750,000   
ironwood box painted with an erupting volcano 750,000   
crimson box with a cherry yellow sunflower on the front 750,000   
blood-red silk-covered box with a blackened iron clasp 750,000