Proud as a Peacock

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Proud as a Peacock
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Proud as a Peacock

[Proud as a Peacock, Sales Floor]
The room is a mesmerizing sanctuary of elegance and grace, with vibrant hues and intricate patterns reminiscent of the majestic peacock. Walls adorned in rich turquoise and deep royal blue hues set the tone, while iridescent feather motifs grace the decor. Every item mirrors the splendor of a peacock in full display. Shelves and racks display the merchandise while clerks help the shoppers.
You also see an ornate sign with large black lettering and blue and green painted door.
Obvious exits: none.

An ornate sign with large black lettering reads:
We are excited to offer
fabrics created by a secret process

Our offerings are meant to
  highlight and showcase
the exquiste nature of what
  these new fabrics can do!

On the azure stand
Item Price Done
plumette taffeta gloves with ivory buttons 312,500   
pair of long plumette samite gloves with round lapis lazuli buttons 500,000   
On the turquoise rack
Item Price Done
plumette velvet cloak with an upright collar 12,500,000   
plumette damask cloak lined with cream-colored silk 10,500,000   
plumette samite cloak with metallic gold embroidery 15,000,000   
On the sapphire-blue rack
Item Price Done
plumette samite skirt layered over a goldweave underskirt 11,750,000   
plumette taffeta skirt trimmed with gold braid around the hem 7,500,000   
On the jade-green stand
Item Price Done
plumette taffeta vest with carved lapis lazuli buttons 3,750,000   
plumette damask vest lined with cream silk 4,500,000   
On the emerald-green stand
Item Price Done
plumette velvet robe with hanging sleeves 15,000,000   
plumette damask cassock with long sleeves 12,000,000   
sleeveless plumette samite over-robe trimmed with metallic gold braid 14,000,000   
On the teal rack
Item Price Done
tightly-fitted plumette damask coat with an upright collar 7,500,000   
long-sleeved plumette samite jacket with gold buttons 10,000,000   
firestorm taffeta doublet with slashed sleeves 6,250,000   
long-sleeved plumette samite waistcoat with gold embroidery 12,250,000   
loose-fitting plumette damask mente lined with white fox fur 12,000,000