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A property for declairing that an item has a color used in it.

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"REFUSE-EATER" pellet +-  +


A green armure cloak clasped by a small platinum feather charm +green  +
A pair of plain white khaddar chausses +white  +
A pair of plain white khaddar chausses +white  +
A poofy metallic blue tutu with strips of white lipka cotton ribbons +metallic blue  +, blue  +, white  +
A small boulder +rock  +
Abassi (1) +-  +
Absinthe and corbeau jacquard waistcoat fitted with gleaming emerald buttons +emerald  +, green  +, corbeau  +,
Absinthe cream tart embellished with some sprigs of fresh mint +brown  +
Absinthe green crystal box clasped with a lurid purple triple-tined claw +black  +, matte black  +, blue  +,
Absinthe green toe socks edged in tiny bottle-shaped beadwork +absinthe green  +, green  +
Absinthe-hued dream pillow stitched with spiraled licorice candies +white  +, green  +, pink  +
Absinthe-hued leathers outlined at the seams with strips of gold moradu bone +absinthe green  +, Gold  +
Abstract deep turquoise enamel armband limned with silver +turquoise  +, silver  +
Abstract vine-motif mask +Purple  +
Abundance of softly shaded sea-lavender twined with pale silver ribbon +silver  +
Abundantly frilly organdy and tulle bloomers with playful polka-dot sheep +mint green  +, green  +
Abyssal black bag webbed in fragile silver-tinged wildlace +silver  +, black  +, purple  +
Abyssal black haledroth elbow spikes +abyssal black  +
Abyssal black haledroth footwraps +abyssal black  +
Abyssal black haledroth knuckles +abyssal black  +
Abyssal madun gown entwined with dark tendrils +abyssal  +, black  +
Abyssal-black codex +abyssal-black  +, black  +
Acanth bank book with openwork carvings +green  +
Acanth staff sling with silk whipcords +cream  +
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