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Description: A property for declaring an hindrance to stealth actions, for comparison purposes. Typically populated by the Armor Template.
Type: Number

There are currently 4651 items in this property, 822 of which are incomplete, and 1292 of which are outdated.

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Oblong tower shield inlaid with a large silver spiderweb +11  +
Oddly assembled full battle plate covered with blighted gold symbols +8  +
Oiled black barmail +4  +
Oiled black leather armor fashioned to resemble a beetle +3  +
Oiled bullhide shield +3  +
Oiled leather armor reinforced with darkened steel plates and spiked guards +3  +
Oiled leather jacket +2  +
Oiled leather jacket with a high collar +2  +
Old leather helm tooled with writhing serpents +1  +
Olvi hunting leathers with the tiny image of a black panther finely tooled on the back +3  +
Olvi war coat +7  +
Olvi war shield forged from pure lumium +7  +
Orange and black striped leather mask with diamond eyeholes +1  +
Orange leather helm tooled with a dragon +1  +
Orange oval shield embedded with black steel studs in the shape of a grinning face +7  +
Orange-red chain hauberk painted to resemble the plumage of a fiery phoenix +4  +
Orange-striped tower shield with bold black lettering +10  +
Ordinary shield +4  +
Orichalcum-inlaid round sipar crafted of chitinous black tomiek +2  +
Ornate enameled buckler filigreed with a white gold lotus +5  +
Ornate silver court plate bedecked with loops of polished red-gold chain +8  +
Ornate steel war shield encrusted with blood-red rubies +4  +
Ornate target shield studded with small tomiek blade spiders +2  +
Ornate tower shield embossed with a snorting destrier +10  +
Ornately decorated breastplate +4  +
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